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44 Magnum Fastener for Air Cleaner Cover

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Item #: DK-FST-44M
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products Sourced

Air Cleaner Cover Fastener DK Custom Outlaw Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson Tri-Shield  Speed  Tri-Speed 44 magnum gripper custom



DK Custom Air Cleaners Covers


Fits Other Air Cleaners Also



  • 1/4" - 20 Threads (3/4" long threaded stud)
  • Replaces stud on DK Custom Air Cleaners to Secure Cover
  • 1" in diameter
  • 44 Magnum Brass Case with stud built into it


The 44 Magnum Fastener is a unique accent to add to Any of the DK Custom OUTLAW Air Cleaners. 

It has stud built into the casing (1/4" - 20) to fit through the cover and into every OUTLAW Air Cleaner.  




Each Air Cleaner already comes with stainless and brass acorn nuts.  This accent, along with the interchangable covers and emblems, gives you the opportunity to put together a unique combination for your own look.

Please note: There is no flat surface on this fastener for easy gripping and tightening.  If you scratch it, you will want to polish it out, there are no returns.

With that said, with a little ingenuity and care it can be installed and tightened down.


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