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Black Floorboards Mid or Forward Mount Sportster Dyna Softail

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Item #: DK-BLK-FLB
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

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DK Custom Chrome Black Floorboards Mid or Forward Mount Sportster Dyna Softail Harley-Davidson  forward or mid controls Fold Up Chrome




Where a Male Clevis Style Footpeg Mounts


DK Custom Products



  • These Floorboards mount just like a Standard Footpeg
  • Fits Mid-Control or Forward Control on Harleys in place of Footpegs
  • Easy Forward/Rearward Adjustment (3" range)
  • Adjustable set screw for different lateral angles
  • Floorboards will fold-up
  • Increased Lean Angle over stock footpegs
  • 12" x 4.75" Platform 
  • Black Rubber Insert/Mat for Secure Comfortable Footing
  • Steel Construction w/ Patent Pending Mount
  • Black Finish (also available in Chrome)
  • Sold in Pairs

Black Floorboards Mid or Forward Mount Sportster Dyna Softail


  • These Floorboards will fit any Sportster, Dyna or Softail that use a Standard footpeg style mounting clevis. 
  • Fits both forward and mid control mounts. (choose which you have when ordering)
  • The platform measures 12" x 4.75", they give your feet a solid, comfortable position.  They are adjustable, forward/rearward, & w/ the set screw, the lateral angle (angle from the ground)can be adjusted also.
  • YOU will be amazed at how comfortable they are!
  • Floorboards will fold-up
  • They provide improved ground clearance (lean angle) over stock pegs.
  • Being able to move your feet around on a secure platform, having no wind pushing at the bottom of your boot while at speed, is especially useful on those long rides!
  • The black rubber mat/insert provides vibration isolation and a good grip in wet & dry weather.
  • 300 lbs rating for standing on them.
  • Black Finish.  They are also available in a Chrome finish.  Click HERE to see them.


Fits all Harley's that uses a standard male clevis footpeg.  Does Not fit the M8 Softail.

If you have the evil little offset clevis that HD has been using on some models recently, you will need to either grind down the offending leg, or convert to the standard clevis.  You can see details on that HERE.

If you are using Extended forward controls, you may need a longer shift rod to get the shifter up high enough over the floorboard.  A longer brake arm is NOT needed.

On some bikes with mid-controls, the brake pedal may need to be moved up a bit, which may require a longer brake rod and/or a different brake pedal arm.

Make your ride Different AND more comfortable!!!


"I am amazed at how much more comfortable my Sporty is with these...especially at speed.  This is one of those things that needs to be experienced to realize how much better they are than stock pegs." -Kevin


"These boards are fantastic. Look killer, and are really comfortable. Typical DK Custom quality (i.e. Excellent). I've been looking for half moon boards for a long time and these are perfect." -Robert





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