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Dyna Bead Kit~Two 2 oz Pkgs. & Applicator SMOOTH RIDE...More

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Item #: IB-DB-22A
Manufacturer: Innovative Balancing

Dyna Bead Kit~Two 2 oz Pkgs. & Applicator SMOOTH RIDE~PROVEN DK Custom Harley Davidson Touring Softail Dyna Freewheeler Trike Adjustable Dynamic Balance Longer Tire Life NO Rim Weights No Cupping

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You simply won't believe the ride...

  • Glass smooth ride, every time, all the time.
  • Dramatically longer tire life
  • No rebalancing
  • No spoke or rim weights
  • Eliminates tire cupping.
  • Easy to install

Dyna Beads are high-density ceramic beads that, when easily installed, continuously balances your tires as you ride. The amount of material will distribute itself in weight and position dependent on the balance requirements of the individual tire.

The result is a smooth, vibration-free ride, derived from our balancing media that is always repositioning itself as the tire wears. If you want to get rid of those wheel vibration and tire cupping problems, then you need to move up to Dyna Beads®!

Check out the graphics below to see how it works. 

Dyna Bead Kit for Trikes 8 Oz. & Applicator SMOOTH RIDE


Determine how many ounces you need

80 - 120 mm tire width        1 oz

130 - 230 mm tire width      2 oz

240 - 360 mm tire width      3 oz

For use with tubeless tires, AND tires with tubes.

Simply dump them in tire when installing, or use optional applicator bottle to install on already mounted tires.  EZ instructions included.


"I wasn't sure these would work, but after putting them in my tires I was amazed at how smooth my Road King rode....and NO MORE UGLY wheel weights!" -Stephen

Includes: Two 2 oz pkgs. & an Applicator

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