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Polished Stainless Face Plate Cover for DK Custom Outlaw A/C

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Item #: DK-AC-CVR-SS
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

Polished Stainless Steel Face Plate Harley Davidson 606 587 425 aluminum polished chrome Big Sucker Pro-Billet Ness Made in USA contrast cut sano black High Performance air cleaner system Sportster Big Twin Evo DK Custom Outlaw Air Cleaner Interchangeable

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Outlaw HiFlow 587 Air Cleaners

~Fits Many Other Air Cleaners Also~

~Pefect for Your Paint or Decal~

~Pefect for A DK Custom Emblem~ 

MADE in The USA!

DK Custom Products


  • American Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Polished Finish
  • Size:  6" Diameter
  • Center Hole Size: 5/16"
  • Made in The USA!

Polished Stainless Face Plate Cover for DK Custom Outlaw A/C

The Outlaw HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner is designed for INTERCHANGEABLE Face Plate Covers AND Emblems.

This way you can Change the Look of Your Ride as Easily as Changing the Air Cleaner Emblem and/or Face Plate Cover.

The Polished Stainless Cover is a perfect canvas for your artwork, paint, decal, or a DK Custom Emblem.

The Outlaw HiFlow 587 Air Cleaners are:

  • High Performance Stage 1 Air Cleaners
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Interchangeable w/ Emblems & Face Plate Covers

"It's great how I can change up the look as easy as changing out my emblem/cover.  Thanks for making an affordable AND interchangeable High Performance Air Cleaner." -Eric

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