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Rider Floorboard Extensions for 2014-Up Harley FL Trike Models

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Manufacturer: VTwinGoodies

DK Custom Harley Floorboard Extension for Trikes Tri-Glide Touring Bagger Street Glide Freewheeler Reduce felt Heat



More Comfortable ~ Less Heat


2014-Up FL Trike Models




  • Extends Riders Floorboard Outward 1"
  • 6061 Aluminum Spacers w/ Powder Finish
  • Grade 8 Chromed Fasteners & Stainless Steel Hardware
  • More Comfortable & Natural Sitting Position
  • Gets those boots away from the exhaust
  • Designed Specifically for 2014-Up Tri-Glide & Freewheeler Models
  • E-Z Bolt-on INSTALL- Comes w/ instructions


These  Rider Floorboard extensions are an easy install, extending the Floorboards outward, away from the exhaust pipes and engine.  This is a much more comfortable ride.  It does Not require any modification to the bike, or changes to the brake or shift levers.

Does not interfere with engine guards or lowers.

With these you can use the entire Floorboard, not just the outside half.

Keeps your boots off the exhaust and on the floorboards.  

Give you room to get your legs away from the heat.  

Once you ride with them, you will be surprised how cramped you feel on bikes with OEM placement of floorboards right next to the motor.




2014-Up FL Tri-Glide & Freewheeler

Works with All  OEM &  Most All Aftermarket Floorboards

This is for the Right & Left Riders Floorboards, Not the passenger Floorboards

Extends the Floorboards out 1"


Make your ride more Comfortable

 A little change that makes a Big Difference

"Gotta try them to believe how much better it is, I never thought it could make that much difference! " -Ben

Customer Reviews

Immediate difference in comfort and stability! Review by JOHN
I purchased these extensions as one of the first custom changes to my Freewheeler and I cannot recommend them enough!

Although a relatively small dimensional change from the stock configuration, the "wider" stance has immediately improved not only my comfort but also in the trike-style "push-pull-press" steering.

Amazing product! Stop reading the reviews and purchase a set immediately! (Posted on 2/21/2019)
Floorboard Extension Review by Buzz
I recently put this kit on my 2017 Triglide and it made a world of difference in the comfort of my ride. By moving the left floorboard (the right floorboard doesn't need to be moved since it already has stock extensions) out it gave me more room to rest my foot since the way they were stock crammed my leg and foot against the tank and the shifter. This way I don't have to move my foot up and under the shifter I only need to catch it on my sole edge and lift. (Posted on 1/22/2019)
Great product Review by Bubba
Great product, easy install and great to do business with. (Posted on 12/26/2018)
WOW Just WOW Review by scorpn
Perfect extended placement. Much more comfortable riding position. Easy and fast installation. Overall just a great product. (Posted on 12/15/2018)
Very easy install and fits great. Now my feet doesn't get tired on long trips. Brake pedal is easier to use and with a extended shift peg my foot is not in an awkward position shifting gears (Posted on 12/13/2018)
Footboard Extensions!! Review by Wes
On 6 October I installed DK Custom's Rider Footboard Extensions. After riding with them all day, I can say the new foot placement is more comfortable for both feet, and definitely less heat reaches lower right leg, ankle and inside foot area. Quick delivery, good instructions, and an easy install. Thanks DK Custom Crew! (Posted on 10/9/2018)
Excellent fit and finish Review by RedOregon
Excellent product, as noted in the other reviews, these little boogers let you spread your legs much more naturally, and as an extra added bonus allows more airflow between your meat and that hot engine. Do pay attention to the comment in the instructions that you want to chase the threads with a nut first so that any excess chrome buildup won't interfere with the install or with torquing the bolts. Also note Gunny's comment about the left side bolts - at first glance, I was about to go for the wrong bolt on the left side too! (Posted on 9/25/2018)
Great product more comfortable ride Review by Ratt196635
I have a bad right knee and it would be hurting me after riding for awhile as I could not put my whole foot on the board unless I put my knee in a bad position. With the extension I can ride with my foot on the board and not stress my knee. Also puts my feet away from to pipe more so a little less heat. I would recommend them for anyone. (Posted on 8/6/2018)
Much more comfortable Review by Gunny
Now that the floorboard extensions are installed I finally feel like I’m sitting with my feet on the floorboards, not on the edge or about to fall off. Pay attention to the drawing in the instructions. It’s not a difficult install at all but one small note. On the right side one of the bolts you take off is held on by a nut. On the left side you will see a bolt that is held on by a nut at the very front - you DO NOT need to undo that bolt. The third bolt you will be looking for is kind of hidden directly underneath the rear support arm for the floorboard. (You have to get down and look carefully under the rear Support Arm of the floorboard to see it.) Once you spot it there is no problem getting to it. (Posted on 6/6/2018)
Footboards Review by trikerider
Installed the extensions today and foot placement is much more natural. Feels very comfortable. (Posted on 12/25/2017)

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