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Rocker Lockers For Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Motors

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Item #: DK-RL-TC
Manufacturer: DK/Rocker Locker

Rocker Lockers Rocker Shaft Locks Rockout For Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Motors DK Custom Products Eliminate valve train ticking

 Get Rid of the Ticking!

Fits All Twin Cams

(Rocker Lockers for 1984-2000 Big Twin Evo Also Available)


Proudly Made in The USA

by Harley Riders

DK Custom Proudcts




  • Includes - 4 Brass Precision Tapered Bushings
  • Includes - 2 O-Rings 
  • Includes - Washer & Nut for installation
  • Includes - Teflon Centering Tool
  • Locks the Rocker Arm Shafts
  • Centers the Rocker Arm Support Plates
  • Eliminates ticking from Rocker Arm Shaft hitting Plate Bolts
  • Includes Step-by-Step Installation Instructions*


Videos below shows where the annoying ticking is coming from.  (poor HD design)

 This first video has a good before & after sound clip, starting at the 1:57 mark






  • The rocker arm shafts have a notch in them that the bolt is supposed to butt up against, locking the rocker arm shafts in place.  However, the bolt hole is too large, leaving a gap.  This gap allows the shaft to rotate and hit the bolt causing a tick.  
  • See the picture below of where the bolts have witness marks from the rocker shaft rotating and tapping the bolts.  This is what makes the annoying ticking/tapping noise.
  • The Rocker Lockers eliminate the gap, locking the shaft from turning and striking the bolt, eliminating that annoying tick so many Twin Cam owners experience.
  • The Rocker Lockers also center the rocker plate so that it is always located in the same positon eliminating different wear patterns on the rocker arm/valve and a better alignment of the pushrod in the holes.
  • The Rocker Lockers are tapered so that they lock themselves in and wedge the bolt/shaft in place.


~See the Pictures Above ~

Drawing shows how the Teflon Centering Tool Makes installation Easy!


Have you tried changing cams, replacing lifters, adjusting pushrods, different oils and still have that annoying ticking?  Try the Rocker Lockers, they will eliminate the ticking from the rocker arm shaft. (this is the most annoying of the valve train noise, and is particularly noticeable between 2000-3000 RPM)


Please note~

Rocker Lockers will not quiet noisy lifters, noisy chains, gears, tensioners or bearings. Rocker lockers keep the shaft from rotating and hitting the Rocker Support Plate bolts.

If you ever need to remove the lockers, just use a punch and tap them out, they are usually reusable.


Patent Pending


All Twin Cam Engines, including Twin Cams w/ SE Forged Rocker Support Plates

See Rocker Lockers for Sportsters, & Big Twin Evo Motors HERE

 * While Step-by-Step instructions are included, it is recommended to also supplement them with the Service Manual.




Customer Reviews

2014 Street Glide Review by Haister
I bought this kit cause I heard great reviews and I was changing out the pushrods and lifters. Install was quick and easy. I notice a difference right away when I started the bike. Would recommend this to anyone. (Posted on 5/15/2019)
Happy customer Review by Rich
I put these in and it definitely made a difference. I screwed up one so i had to order another kit haha but definitely money well spent. (Posted on 5/13/2019)
Great Kit and Service Review by Bob
Great Kit and Service (Posted on 5/13/2019)
Great product Review by Nicktar
My 07 ultra classic was making horrible noise from the rockers now that I've installed the RockerLockers so nice and quiet best $20 I've ever spent (Posted on 5/6/2019)
Rocker Lockers Rock! Quietly Review by Mohawk Matt
My 05 twin cam rattled like bbs in a tin can! After a fairly simple and short install of Rocker Lockers I had less valve train noise than any Harley I've heard! Quote from my father "Are you sure its a Harley?" Recommending to everyone I talk to! Cant say enough. Great product that performs exactly as claimed. Dk Customs delivered fast at a great price! Not much to the kit but worth 10 times the price once you see/hear what it does! Thanks DC Customs, and thanks Rocker Lockers! ! (Posted on 4/23/2019)
Worth it Review by Aaron
Easy to install order was very fast happy with the product and will be ordering from you guys again (Posted on 4/23/2019)
so simple, so good Review by fastlane motorcycles
We've put them in several bikes and it took care of a very annoying situation and saved much direro.. It's so simple but rocker lockers do the trick. Thank you very much. (Posted on 4/3/2019)
So simple yet massive problem solver Review by Thumper
I couldnt beleive how much noise there wasnt any more after the install of rocker lockers.
Have a couple guys that have complained about the noise they have and i told them about rocker lockers. (Posted on 3/30/2019)
Excellent Product Review by Dan
I am very pleased with the product. I was taking the top end apart on the bike and it only made sense to install these to quiet down the rockers.

It was a super easy instal on or off the bike and I totally recommend these to anyone that would rather hear their exhaust than the ticking from the top end.

I would suggest that 1 or 2 extra sleeves be added to the package in the unforeseen event that one gets bent or if you have to replace one because you are replacing a rocker.

Over all awesome product and I recommend it to anyone that wants to hear the sweet sound of the engine.
(Posted on 3/25/2019)
Sounds like a Honda Review by Sarge4life
The good: Very easy install and the sewing machine noise from the valvetrain is completely gone.

The bad (not really): Now the knocking sound through the intake due to reversion after installing new cams is more noticable.

I would recommend this $15 fix to anyone. You don't even have to be mechanically inclined to install them. I performed the on-bike installation and it only took about 45 minutes from start to finish. I just ordered a second set for my buddy's bike. (Posted on 2/24/2019)
Excellent product and service! Review by Richard
I was very pleased with the service I received, knowledgeable staff answered my call and questions without hesitation.
The Rocker Lockers were very easy to install, all parts fit perfectly, and the results were immediate, no l more annoying ticking!
I am ordering 3 more sets for friends, I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 12/17/2018)
No movement Review by Control
Really bought these not so much for ticking, but more fore precision alignment of rockers on valves. The less noise is just an added plus! (Posted on 12/13/2018)
Running a 120R in my street glide Review by Doug (West Aust)
Had that annoying tick so I changed to roller rockers with adjustable pushrods. Ticking still present, then changed to S&S lifters still had that ticking sound. Then about to pull the top end apart to replace the small end bushes when a friend told me about rocker lockers.
After installing them the ticking disappeared, I highly recommend to all Harley riders to invest in a set for there bike.
Great product. (Posted on 7/14/2018)
Great product Review by Pj
Noticed a difference right away. Even more when the bike is warmed up. Going to tell everyone about this product. (Posted on 6/30/2018)
Awesome Review by Tom
Just finished installing this kit on a 2014 limited, as soon as it fired up you could hear the difference. Easy to install on the twin cooled 103. (Posted on 5/19/2018)
Great product Review by Jet dragger
I have a 2013 Street Glide with a 103 ci
I started hearing tapping around 10k miles
I didn't realize how loud it was until I installed Rocker lockers, What a difference it made.
It is so quiet now.
It was easy to install, ( if you have a little mechanical ability) and follow your service manual.
I would encourage anyone with twin cam to buy the kit.

(Posted on 5/5/2018)

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