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Shock Absorbing Pivot-Peg FootPegs For Harley-Davidson

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Item #: DK-SGS-PP
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

DK Custom Pivot Peg FootPeg Harley Trap traction pin Outlaw Foot pegs Shock absorbing ISO Isolator





Hand-Crafted In The USA!
DK Custom Products



  • Fold-Up Pivot-Pegs fit all stock HD and most custom control set-ups
  • American Cold Rolled Steel Axle and Clevis mount
  • Spin freely or fixed in place, or anywhere in between!
  • Adjustable set screw for different lateral angles
  • Super Gripper Series w/ Traction Pins
  • CNC Cut 2 Piece Peg Body is dual-color
  • The 2 CNC pieces Pivot with rubber isolators, providing a bit of shock absorption
  • Platform 3.5" x 4"
  • Sold in Pairs


  • These Pivot-Pegs are made up of two CNC cut pieces that pivot on the center.  There are durable rubber cushions between the two CNC cut platforms.  These rubber isolators allow for a small amount of shock absorption, thus reducing bumps and vibration to your feet via the pegs.
  • The platform measures 3.5" x 4", they fit all Harleys, including the non-standard peg mount found on the 48's, 72's and some other Models.
  • Not only are they good looking, they provide a solid and comfortable platform for your boots.
  • They can be adjusted to spin freely, adjusted to move only with firm pressure, or locked into the position you want.
  • Being able to move your feet around on a secure platform, and change the angle of the platform (while riding) is especially useful on those long rides!
  • Additionally, there is a grade 8 set screw that adjusts the lateral (angle from the ground) angle to what suits you best!
  • Between the CNC Cut, aluminum platform, and the Traction Pins, there are no worries of your shoe slipping.
  • If you are running forward controls, no more fatigue from holding your feet on the pegs.
  • They work equally well as Forwards, Mids, Passenger Mini-Floorboards & Highway Pegs.
  • Two Tone anodized Finish. (Dark metal flake silver & white)  


These pegs  started out as bicycle pedals and have some components that are made Outside the USA.  The main structure of the peg, the axle and mounting tab, are made right here, by DK, with USA Steel.  Each pedal is disassembled and then converted to a motorcycle peg with DK Custom parts.

Fitment Note: Will fit the M8 Softail when used with the Footpeg Adapter at this LINK


Make your ride Different AND more comfortable!!!


"Fantastic!  I like the look, and I like the secure and comfortable platform even more.  Thank you." -Ronny


Customer Reviews

Great pegs Review by Ken
Have used different styles of DK's pedal pegs over the years, I have liked them all. Bought these shock absorbing pegs for my latest Sportster Scrambler build and love them.
Very comftorable and they took out alot of the vibes I used tk get through my oem pegs. (Posted on 11/11/2019)

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