Over 2 years ago I started with a vision. 


Then I got a donor bike to make that vision a reality.


For about a year I worked on it as often as I had free time...and made some progress.





For another year I tried working on it...but too much of lifes' daily requirements kept much progress from happening.


To see hundreds of photo's, and a step-by-step on what's been done so far, click this LINK.


Finally, 5 months ago I realized I had to put this project on hold for an undeterminded period of time.


It is still on hold.  We have so much going on at the shop that is eating my time, machine time...there just is not a clear path to work on it now.

But I see it everyday.  It is sitting in the room that I go through everytime I leave and come back to the house.



I can only look forward to the day that I can get back to work on it, no short-cuts, turning the vision into a reality!  This SBS Chop is going to be a fun bike to ride!