Up until recently our camera equipment consisted of our cellphones, a Canon Point and shoot and a Drift Video camera.

We've deleted the Drift from the mix and added a Mavic 2 Pro Drone and a GoPro Hero 7 Black.

With these we should have even nicer photo's on our Ride Reports, and we will also be doing more:

  • Installaton Videos
  • Ride Videos
  • Around the Shop Videos

Below is our first Youtube video, utilizing both the Drone and the GoPro.

Right now we are working on a Tri-Glide, doing tests & adding parts to it.  One of the reasons it is taking longer than usual is that we are taking the time to video all the processes.  

A 30 minute installation easily turns into 3 hours when videoing for an Installation Video, but the nice thing is that we are building a growing library of installation videos to compliment the written instructions. 

 Fun video, playing around with the bikes and the drone-

Here's one of our videos we've done with our new equipment -