Why did we start DK Custom Products?

The answer is simple.


We wanted parts for our bikes and could not find quality, USA made parts that did what we wanted.

When we did find a part we wanted, as often as not it was out of stock.

When we called or emailed with questions about a part, we rarely got a timely response, or more often, no response at all.

We wanted something Better for our bikes than we could find.

So we started making them ourselves.


Then we started making them for other peoples bikes...and it has grown from that.

When we realized we were an actual business, we made 3 Fundamental Commitments to ourselves.


  1. We would only build Quality Products

  2. We would ship Quickly and Accurately

  3. We would provide Superior Customer Service


These were the 3 things that consistently frustrated us when we were buying parts for our own bikes, and we were committed to Not frustrate our Customers the way we had been.

Without knowing it, these three fundamentals were the Foundation of our “Build It Better™ philosophy.



  • Better Products
  • Better Shipping
  • Better Customer Service


From these three Fundamentals grow all the below-


Better Comfort

Better Performance

Better Reliability

Better Warranty

Better Handling

Better Instructions

Better (easier) Installation

Better Innovation

Better Safety

Better Riding Experience

Better Testing

If we can’t do it better, then leave it to whoever does do it better

Better Looks

Better Reports

Building It Better saves time, money, frustration & disappointment


Our Constant Challenge to Ourselves - Build It Better™


So, that’s how we started, and where we are now.

As noted in another blog post (HERE), our camera equipment is pretty much just our cell phones.  We are in the process of getting some actual camera equipment, and when we do we will begin sharing a bit more of what we do around the shop...showing how we Build It Better™.