Let me start by saying I have been riding Harleys for about 6 years… Before that it was sport bikes only… No Ifs, ands, or buts about it… Only old guys rode cruisers and I wasn’t old YET. However, as I was rolling into my late 20s I couldn’t help but feel like a try-hard-to-be-cool Power Ranger. WHY DO WE CARE what others think… Just human nature I guess

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  So, I sought out my first Harley-Davidson, a 2001 Dyna. This would be it, I would now be content with the bike I rode. It didn’t take long to realize this was a world of its own. I went to a few rallies with friends that had been riding cruisers for a while, older cats that have forgotten more about motorcycles than most of us will ever know. Since becoming a ‘Harley Enthusiast’ I have witnessed some very cool things that only this lifestyle can show you… Comradery, Charity, and an overall willingness to offer help to other bikers. The most glaringly impressive thing I have noticed is the sense of adventure that most have to traverse thousands of miles on a motorcycle… Just for the hell of it!

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But, there are a few things that I could never get on board with...The Wolf t-shirts, the flaming skulls, The Screamin’ Seagulls! Since the clapped out Dyna I have went all in… a couple sportsters, and most recently put my first born up as a down payment on an ‘18 Deluxe.


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Am I wrong to feel this way? Can one love HD motorcycles but despise the image? Am I just an elitist hipster douche? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW