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HD Trikes - Convertible Comfort Lift™ - Improved Comfort & Lift

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DK Custom HD Trikes - Convertible Comfort Lift™ - Improved Comfort & Lift




Harley-Davidson Tri-Glides (all years)

Freewheelers & FLHXXX

  Experience a More Comfortable (Plusher) Ride


Levels the Height of the back of your Trike

~ Looks Better ~ Handles Better~ Rides Better ~

MADE in The USA!


DK Custom Products



  • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
  • CNC Cut from American Steel
  • The Convertible Comfort Lift™ Replaces the Stock Shock Bracket
  • Raises Rear Shocks Higher than Stock Mounts to level out your Trike
  • Unique Design gives a plusher ride than the standard Lift Kit
  • Unique Design w/multiple lift heights to accommodate exhaust fitment
  • E-Z Install ~ Comes with Step-by Step Instructions
  • Made in The USA!





"The more you have a cantilever (angle) on your trikes shocks, the smoother the shocks will operate."

 George of Pro-Action Shocks


The Convertible Comfort Lift™ Kit replaces the stock shock mounts of your Harley Trike.  It gives an increase of 1.25" at the shocks and 1.6" at the rear of the bike.  This is the same as the Standard Lift Kit.  

The Convertible Part:  On some pre 2017's, and more 2017 HD Trikes, there can be a very close fitment between the swingarm and the exhaust with a full 1.25" Lift.

The Convertible Comfort Lift™ has a second set of mounting holes that allow you to try the full 1.25" lift first, and if there is a fitment issue, simply use the built-in secondary mounting holes. It takes 30 seconds to make the change!

The secondary mounting holes give you almost 1" lift at the shocks & close to 1.2" lift at the mufflers.

Simple & Easy.  You end up with the Ideal lift for Your Trike, and all the benefits of a Comfort Lift™.

What is different about the Convertible Comfort Lift™ from the Standard Lift is they  slightly change the angle of the shocks rearward on the swingarm.  The suspension now absorbs more of the smaller and larger road imperfections, resulting in less of the bumps being passed on to the rider and passenger.

Net result is a Smoother, Plusher ride.



The Convertible Comfort Lift™ works  with all Tri-Glides, Freewheelers, & FLHXXX Models.

These will work with your Stock Shocks.

They will also work with aftermarket coil over shocks like the Progressive 440, 444 shocks, Twin Adjustable Shocks, and Pro-Action Street Series Shocks.

The Convertible Comfort Lift™ is a plusher ride than the Standard lift in all circumstances except for the following:

If you are running no lift kit, and running the Maximum PSI, AND the shocks are regularly bottoming out.  This typically only occurs when running over the maximum rider/passenger/luggage of 540 lbs AND on very poor roads.  

If you are running the Maximum PSI in the shocks, AND are regularly bottoming out the shocks, then it is better to run the Convertible Comfort Lift™ on the secondary mounting holes, or to run the Standard Tri-Glide Lift Kit.

Experience a Plusher Ride on Your Harley Trike!!!


"Genius!  I was not sure if a full 1.25 Comfort Lift would fit on my 2017 Tri-Glide, so I got the Convertible.  When I installed it, the full lift fit, but if it hadn't it would have been easy to swap to the "convertible" holes for a slightly shorter lift.  DK does it again!  Oh, and the ride & handling improvement is just as good with this Comfort Lift as it was on my 2012 Tri.  Thank you! " - Scott


"Now that I’ve ridden with the (Comfort Lift™) lift kit, the road bumps seem surprisingly subdued plus my lower back muscles are more relaxed after 100 miles of travel." -Gene


"2017 Convertible Comfort Lift™. 1.5" lift. All I can saw is WOW. Handles better than I could have imagined. Thanks for a great American product!"  -Forrest N Sherry



"By the time i hit 930 miles on the trike, i felt as if i was staring death in the face. I mean i really hated the ride and I immediately put the bike on Craigs list.


But yesterday I picked up the trike after having the DK Customs comfort lift kit put on. My first experience was to do about 30 miles on interstate 25 and set the cruise control on 77. Then exited and drove the twisties past Bishops Castle again and the total run was close to 100 miles yesterday.


I feel like there is still a learning curve to get by but what a positive major difference in the ride. 


Thanks DK Custom." -COWBOY1296









Click on the link below for an article on Understanding Rake & Trail.

It explains the How & Why of the Improved handling experienced when using one of the DK Custom Comfort Lift™ Kits


Understanding Rake and Trail

Customer Reviews

Much better ride. Review by Skipper 816
I installed these on my 2014 Triglide I had to use the secondary holes because my exhaust was going to hit the swing arm but I raised my rear end up 1.2 inches and no longer drag my mufflers , the trike steers easier and the ride is much better. The lift kit was easy to install and anybody who owns a trike should install one. This is the best upgrade I have ever done love it. (Posted on 8/6/2018)
Good product. Review by Jason.
I installed these on my 2018 Tri Glide and have been pleased with them. It takes less effort to corner now than the bike did stock. My wife says the ride from the back seat has improved since I installed them. The quality is on the same level as the factory brackets fit and finish. They have the same thickness of material. The instructions were easy to understand and fallow. One thing I would change would be adding the torque specs for the emergency brake bracket bolts. (Posted on 6/12/2018)
Believer Review by Geary
Read Reviews on several Trike sites..finally purchased and installed.. WOW, What a "difference" Dumb me for waiting so long to pleasure my wife..Steering quite an improvement as a side benefit 2018 Tri-Glide (Posted on 11/19/2017)
Believer Review by Geary
Read Reviews on several Trike sites..finally purchased and installed.. WOW, What a "difference" Dumb me for waiting so long to pleasure my wife..Steering quite an improvement as a side benefit 2018 Tri-Glide (Posted on 11/19/2017)
Excellent Review by William B.
Added this lift kit to my 14 Tri Glide along with many other upgrades from DK Customs. No more tailpipe scraping. (Posted on 10/7/2017)

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