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Day 11 - Scrambling for Identification

We headed back up to our friends office...


EVERY trip we are making is taking us thru 3 military checkpoints and 1 police checkpoint.

The risk is that at any one of these we could be handcuffed & detained indefinitely for failing to have any ID. Since we have no way of providing ID, it could literally be hours, or even overnight, before we MIGHT be released.

As hard as it may be to picture, this cloud of stress of needing to travel, but under the constant possibility of being detained, is far greater than the less then 2 minutes of being robbed.


...back in his office, he has already printed out the scanned copies of our ID's that our neighbor emailed him.

1 passport for Mary that is expired.

1 drivers license for me that is current

1 Carry permit for each of us that is current

So now, we at least have a little something. Not sure how well any of it will work if we are stopped, but we feel a little better.

On the way back "home" to Popotla, we stop at Walmart...

...yeah, they are everywhere, even in Rosarito.

Notice Mary's new "Purse". 

Shaded parking is included...

...but this is the first Walmart I've ever had to pay to park in their parking lot!



After paying to get out of the Walmart parking lot...

...we went across the street to Home Depot... pick up a couple of things.

Then a couple of km's down the road we stopped at the Office Depot. They did not have anything we needed.

Back "home" for the day, the view out our window.


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