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Day 12 Concluded-

Day 12 Concluded-

A view from outside the curve as we approach it...

...and a view from inside the curve as we enter it.

Shadow pic as we're rolling down the highway back to Hatch-

We're close now. Those mountains on the horizon are the outside edge of Bryce.

Back at the Galaxy of Hatch, biker motel...there are 4 new bikes that showed up while we were gone.

After getting back, Mike asked me to look at a bike a Customer brought in today for him to finish building it out. Very cool looking project. Mike has his work cut out though...the reason the guy stopped is because he got frustrated putting a bunch of mis-matched parts together that just were not going to work.

It's gonna be a nice ride when he's done with it.

Here are a couple of Mikes shop bikes...

Very cool that right next to the motel is this shop with a good selection of parts and tools, a true bike shop.

I wish I would have taken more pics of the other bikes in the shop. Next time.

What a great day in Zion, finished up with messing around with some bikes in the shop.