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Day 14- DHC and Laramie, WY

Leaving out of Scott and Karin's...

...headed up to Castle Rock, CO via the 83, thru the Black Forest.


After going thru the woods of the Black Forest, there is a lot of this...

...until we get to Castle Rock.

This is the reason for the name, Castle Rock.

And visiting Brandon, the owner of Devils Head Choppers, is the reason we are in Castle Rock.

DHC is a busy shop, besides all the bikes IN the shop, there are a bunch more that won't fit, that are outside.

DHC uses a lot of DK Custom parts on their bikes...and Brandon has done a bunch of videos that are on our Youtube Channel.

After talking for a bit, he wants me to give his built Dyna a spin...

...even at 6,000 foot elevation, this thing really moves out! Plus it has a bunch of DK Custom parts on it!

Brandon is a chopper guy...getting him on the Trike was nothing he was interested in doing, but, maybe his curiosity was there a little. lol

Coming back from his ride on the TG, can't tell if that is a smile or a smirk. lol I think he realized they could be a bit of fun, but his days for a trike are decades in the future...his Dyna is his plush ride, his real love is Ruby, his hardtail.

A look at just a couple of the 10+ bikes that are in the shop-

We've been working with Brandon for quite a few years...he provides quality work and parts, and because of that, his business has grown substantially since we first met him. Good people!

We enjoyed the hour or so we spent there.

Back on the road, our goal is to get to Laramie, WY today. We took the toll road around Denver, avoiding a lot of traffic, and now we're on the 25, headed straight north.

Montana is "Big Sky" country, but even here in Colorado...

...there's some big sky, and it's a great day for cloud pics.

This road is long, straight and it's hot. Got the cruise set on 78 mph and the longest I went without touching the handlebars was 4/10ths of a mile. Most of the time it was just a couple of fingers on one of the grips to keep it between the lines.

Crossing into Wyoming...

...mostly straight, there are a few curves, but we are climbing some.

The best views are the big sky and clouds!

Back a few hours ago Mary put on her cool vest. Now that we have climbed up to 8640 elevation, it has cooled down. We stopped here so she could take it off.

Home away from home. Super-8, in Laramie, WY. This is our stop for tonight.

Today was an easy day of 260 miles. Tomorrow we head toward Yellowstone.