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Day 16 continued.

Day 16 continued.

Trent set a good pace. Guaranteed we were closer to 50 mph than 25 mph.

We're over the pass now, we had climbed to 6100 ft.

What a great road, long sweepers, tight turns, lots of elevation changes.

We stopped in Lowman for a few minutes. It was really fun for Mary and I to ride with Trent & Barbara today.

When riding the pass to Lowman, I had thought we were going to turn around, returning the way we had come. Instead, we continued the loop we had started, taking a different route back. We stopped for gas a bit down the road from Lowman.

Really enjoying the ride! Idaho definitely has some good folks, some good roads, and beautiful scenery!

Looking back...Barbara in a fantastic setting.

This is just one of the long grades (not the 7% one) we pulled on the way home.

Trent paid me a high least I took it that way...he is riding a Stage IV TG and mine is a our own special blend of a Stage I. After pulling up a long 7% grade hill, right behind him the whole way at 85 mph, he said I have my TG running really well.

Arriving back in Meridian, we met up with Trents wife, Marione, and had a nice dinner.

Myself and Barbara & the 3 TG's lined up in the restaurant parking lot...

All 4 of us. Thank you Marione for taking the pic.

We had a great meal, great conversation, a fun time. -I LUV XLF!-We are really looking forward to our next visit so we can spend more time!