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Day 17 continued.

Day 17 continued.

As we were going about 40 mph in a straight, this deer crossed the road in front of panic, it was far enough in front of us, I didn't even slow down. By the time Mary got the camera on it, it was up the hill beside us.

Back in Idaho again.

Our plan is to stop in New Meadows for the night, and the road and scenery is fantastic all the way there!

Double barrier for the falling rocks. The barriers are there to protect expensive equipment down below. There is nothing to protect the motorist on the road.

The views on this road, and the fun it is to ride...

...make it one of the most enjoyable days we have ever spent on the TG.

And it just keeps getting better & better. Even though we just traveled this road a few hours ago....

...riding it from the opposite direction, it is like an entirely different road.

The views are...


Tomorrow I will get the last of Day 17 posted up.