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Day 18- Yellowstone

Today is our second day in Yellowstone, and it is starting out beautifully!

Almost right away we saw these buffalo slowing down a LONG line of traffic going the opposite direction.

They were walking right down the center of the lane!


Stopped for some photo's of this waterfall...the beauty in this NP never fails to amaze.

Back riding, enjoying the views! It is so nice to be able to take our time on this trip, and stop wherever, whenever we want, knowing we have 3 full days to explore.

This is the section of road construction that a few folks have mentioned.

Sheepeater Cliff...when I first read that I thought it was because sheep "ate it" falling off the sheer edge. Then I read the explanation for the name. lol

Just amazing, picturesque view after view!

Was sort of surprised to see snow in Yellowstone still, but there it is.

Even though the speed limit is relatively slow in the park, and the roads are mostly straight...there are some really fun sections of road too.

I promise, I know folks have seen endless photos of Yellowstone...I am not posting many of all the amazing sights we saw that Mary photographed, just a few here and there that seem unique to our ride thru.

A look back at a waterfall..

...and a look ahead.

One of 50+ photo's Mary grabbed of Mammoth Hot Springs as we rode thru-

We saw this sign and wondered why Beartooth Pass would be closed today. Day after tomorrow we are planning to ride the pass.

We stopped for some pics of this waterfall. To give some perspective on how large it is...there are two people that you can barely see at the top left of the falls.

Lava Creek looks like a good place to stop and eat our lunch...

Messing around by the is really moving quite fast!

Fixing to eat by the creek.

This is a really nice little glen...

...couldn't hear much of anything over the rushing water, but caught a glimpse of a curious moose, about 75 yards away.

A bit closer now, only 60 yards away.

Back rolling. Absolutely beautiful riding!

That's a BIG wall of rock to our right!

Cloud pic for Mary, fun curving road for me. lol

Climbing Mt. Washburn... 7900 feet there's still a bunch of snow. Mary in the Mirror.

Near the top!

Down the other side now, we take a side road to the Virginia Cascades. It is one way, narrow and curvy...

This pic was taken as we are rolling, looking down, off the side of the road.

Headed back to our Motel in W. Yellowstone.

What an amazing day, and we still have more to see tomorrow!