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Day 6

Today we're headed towards Devils Tower.

Devils Tower is in a National Park, and drones are NOT allowed in National Parks. However, we are hoping to get right outside the border of the actual NP and get some drone footage.

Leaving out from our base camp at the lake, we fall in behind 7 side by sides running down the road...

...we follow them all the way down the little lane til we get to Cheyenne Crossing...

...then they turn up the road toward Spearfish Canyon, same way we are going.

These things move out. I was doing 65 mph to keep up with the slow ones at the end of the line!

They turned off right before Spearfish Canyon Road, then we pretty much had it to ourselves...

...this place is spectacular, even riding it the 3rd time in less than 24 hours!

Mary in the Mirror!

The curves just keep coming! 

Rolling thru this road, at 60* temps, sunny, very little traffic...hard to beat!

8 fellow travelers, headed the opposite direction.

Between yesterday and today, Mary took over 400 photos on this road, but we'll call it now.


Headed into the city of Spearfish...

...leaving the city of Spearfish, headed toward Belle Fourche...

...with a look back at Spearfish.

Belle Fourche, where we turn west, headed for Wyoming.

Looks like there could be rain ahead...

...what's this?

A trike was off the road. Not sure if anyone got hurt, or what precipitated the trike leaving the road. There were some friends stopped, we were told no help was needed... on we went. Less than 30 seconds later we were in Wyoming...

...where the State makes it clear what they expect of bikers.

The road is curvy & we're climbing in elevation, and it is definitely getting colder!


At the top of this little pass we stopped for a snack, and to enjoy the surroundings. Fixing to get back riding-

The simple joy...

...of riding a curving road... one of the most pure enjoyments... life. And if you can see lots of curves up ahead, it just makes it better! 

Passing thru Hulett...

...soon after we get our first glimpse of Devils Tower...

...and a bit closer.

We stopped here, before the entrance. It is a pretty serious fine/confiscation of equipment to fly a drone in a National Park, so we're looking for where we can fly, just outside the park boundary.

We decide to go on into the park and then fly the drone after we come back out.


In the park now, headed up...

...toward the base of the Tower...'s a short but scenic ride.

This is as far as we can ride...walking is what gets you closer.

When we were a ways off still, Mary said "that's not big enough for a ship to land on". lol

It's bigger than it looks. Photo's don't do it justice.

We decided to walk a little ways up, but I got distracted by this Indian conversion on the way thru the parking lot. 

We walked up a ways...the boulders kept getting bigger!

Mary, at the bottom of this photo, gives a little perspective.


We did not go much further up. We wandered around a bit, then headed back down.

Another view on the ride down.

At the bottom there is a Prairie Dog Town with hundreds (thousands?) of Prairie Dogs.

After we left the National Park we found a spot...

...where we could put the drone up in the air without getting it confiscated and a fine...

We're still getting the hang of using this thing... gives a whole different perspective.

Both of us riding by-

We'll have some video edited later, but these were a few screen captures from the video.


Headed back to camp...

...thru Hulett. Other travelers. 

The hills and curves are just as fun...

...on the way back as they were on the way!

Another group of fellow travelers.

Already back in S.D.

Back in Spearfish Canyon...

...for the 4th time this week... is a FUN Road!

Spearfish Canyon is a great place to ride...

...with great views...

...since this is the last time we are riding thru here this trip...

...we put the drone up and got some footage.

I thought it would be much easier to fly and get footage than it has been... 

...but we are getting better and getting some ok stuff.

Back at camp, time for some home-cooked dinner and a movie! 

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