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Day 5 - 17 Hr. Ferry Ride to Newfoundland Island

Well today is a throwback. All this year we've been riding with the TH as the home base.

Out riding for the day, and then back at our home on wheels for the night.

We're leaving today for 7 days and 6 nights. Gotta carry everything we'll be wanting for that time, with us.

On top of that, even though Canada just recently changed their drone laws, and I am not licensed to fly up here, I'm taking it just in case there is a chance to fly.

So this morning was spent figuring out how to pack everything up!

It's a bit funny to us, we've carried everything we needed for many 40 & 45 day trips, and even for a 53 day trip to Alaska on the TG (see Alaska Ride Report HERE), but this little 7 day outing shows us how out of practice we are! 

We get it done...

...and are on our way...

...beautiful sights as we head to North Sydney...

...where the Ferry Terminal is...

It is only a 45 minute ride... we take a bit of a scenic route... get there.

Cloud Pic!

We're getting closer...

...but still have a bit of fun riding before loading up on the ferry!


As many of you know, Mary really likes ferry rides. As often as possible we go on them for her. They are ok with me....

Until this one. I don't mine saying, I am not 100% comfortable being on a big piece of metal, loaded down with people, cars, trucks, etc. in the middle of the ocean, not far from where the Titanic went down!

17 one point we'll be EIGHT HOURS from the closest piece of land.

I cannot swim that far!

So, I'm enjoying this last bit of riding before getting on that big chunk of floating metal!

Fellow travelers!

We're getting pretty close to the Ferry Terminal...

...even though there is water all around, we are still on land! 

We're getting close...

...a look back at all that land! lol

Newfoundland Ferry- 3km

We're all checked in, heading for Argentia, Newfoundland Island... is NOT a hop, skip and a jump away. Do a google map of North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Argentia, Newfoundland. lol

We had a nice chat with the 2 guys on Victory's ahead of us. They live in Newfoundland and make the trip on the ferry regularly.

Time to load up..., this is a big ship!



After parking, we unloaded what we wanted for the night, then headed up to our cabin.

Our 2 berth cabin is on the 8th floor of this monster. The cost of it is about the same as a motel room.

Mary loves ferries, and we've never been on one with a cabin before...

...she's pretty pumped, especially that we got one with a window!

After looking around the room a bit, we headed out to explore...

...around the ship.

It is not long before we are underway...

...there are 10 levels... took a while to check out the top 5 levels that are open to us, once underway.



We watch as we get further and further...

...away from land...

...time for some dinner, so we head inside to the dining room and enjoy a good meal with a view.

After dinner we head outside, no land in sight, but a nice sunset.

Talking with the guys on the Victory motorcycles earlier, we heard many a story of them crossing in colder weather, when, sometimes, icebreakers are needed to clear a path thru the fozen sea for the ferries going back and forth.

I am glad to be here during warmer weather...we are not far from where the Titanic went down.

We head back up to our cabin, take hot showers, before heading back outside. It is completely dark now, very windy, and very few people out and about.

This is a shot looking toward the back of the ship.

After roaming around a bit, it gets cold, so we head back up to the cabin for the night.

I sit down at the desk to do some work, Mary lays on her bed and turns on a local TV channel.

A minute later she says to me "you're not going to believe this, come look".

Right when she turned on the TV it was at the scene in the movie Titanic where it has hit the iceberg and is sinking.

I did not get any work done...we both watched the rest of the movie (and all the Canadian commercials) to the end.


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