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Day 1

We did not think we were going to get any Big Trips (or any trips for that matter) in this year with everything going on with the lockdowns.

Well, we decided to take off on September 4th, 2020 for a little over a month of riding in some of the most spectacular areas of the USA.

Our plans were foiled from the get-go. I hurt my back a week before we were due to leave, so we were not able to leave until the afternoon of the 7th....and take it easy.

We had to cancel our plans to go to Yellowstone.

We set out from Mississippi, crossing thru Tennessee, Arkansas and into Missouri the first day.

We stopped at Boomland toward the end of the day. They have a huge selection of hot sauces there, and we usually stop there once a year.


We are traveling across all the long boring (they were interesting the first 50 times) interstate miles with our Toy Hauler. We want to RIDE in the mountains and twistys.

During these times it is especially nice to not stay in motel beds or be eating out.

See the Report on why we are enjoying our Motorcycle Riding even More the last two years HERE.

Screen capture from video footage for a Youtube video along the road-

After crossing thru Iowa into Nebraska....over a thousand miles of this separates us from our house and where we want to ride...


...crossing into Wyoming we are surprised to see snow. Turns out if we had left on the 4th, when planned, we would have been traveling this road during a snowstorm...

Even after the storm, while we were traveling this road, it was 36* F. Stopped in Laramie for the night. Snow piled up in the parking lot, lows in the 20's tonight.

Quite a difference between when we left and it was 95* F.


...we made it to the Grand Tetons!


Put the drone up and got some good video of the sunset, here are a couple of screen caps.


We did not get to ride in the Grand Tetons, back is still pretty bad, and I can't even swing my leg over the seat.

We did drive thru, and later in this report we'll do a flashback to some of the photo's we got along the way.

After passing thru the corner of Colorado, then thru Utah, we are in Idaho to visit family.

We stopped at Shoshone Falls...

...for the afternoon, before heading on to Meridian.

My back is getting better, and we should be able to ride soon.