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Day 14

Day 14

We left out of Newport on the coast of Oregon and turned east on the 20, headed toward Burns.

Our 300 mile day turned into a 400+ mile day...but more on that later.

Right off the bat, the road, weather & scenery were great!

Just a perfect day for riding.

None of these "bad boyz" returned our waves. :

Looking back, they were long gone in 30 seconds as we rolled east.

The pilot in this bi-plane was having some fun!

Rolled thru Lebanon, it is a retro town...

...before the town ran out we stopped at this Napa.

For the last day the engine has been idling a bit rough. Not plug wires or plugs, so I picked up some Sea Foam and dumped it in the tank. Within a few minutes it smoothed out. Must have been some bad gas from somewhere on the coast.

Dennis, the owner of the Baja Bug, in the pic above, own Teds Rats & Rods. Talked to him for awhile. This is a pic of his wifes' '53 Willys Jeep. Very cool.

This is a pic of his other "Bug". Totally re-worked with a V-8 up front!

Day 14 continued in the next post.