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Day 17

Day 17

Today we left out of Meridian. Between visiting with Mary's mom, brother, a couple of nephews, and the ride with Barbara & Trent, it has been a great few days here. Sad to leave.

Mary & her mom-

She took a pic of us right before we headed out.

Trent thought we would enjoy the road & seeing the deepest canyon in North America, Hells Canyon. He gave us a great route to follow.

So we are off to experience it!

Just past pic.

Looking back as we get close to Cambridge.

I did not recognize this car, but she's a beauty.

Super fun road out of Cambridge to Hells Canyon. This two wheeler would really speed up in the straights, then slow to a crawl in every curve. I had to slow way down in the straights so that they did not impede our fun ripping thru the curves.

This is a really fun road!!!

After dropping down quite a bit thru the winding road, we hit the Brownlee. I think this is what is the beginning of Hells Canyon.

I was going to say, now the fun begins...but it was already a blast getting this far. But it does get a lot more scenic, and a bit tighter in a lot of the curves.

Continued in next post.