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Day 26

Day 26

Today we re-traced our route from Nimpo, thru "no-mans land", back to Williams Lake and then on past 100 Mile House and down into Cache Creek.

Leaving out of Nimpo Lake. BC is just filled with amazing countryside...and today was a great cloud picture taking day for Mary also.

Back on the road where there is no center line...not really wide enough for one, but it is a fun road for sure!

From our ride out here, there is very little traffic, and we did not see in LEO's, so I'm wanting to get to Cache Creek early for a nice Bday dinner for Mary.

Mary in the mirror.

The road is a bit wider, but still a ton of fun!

I had been hitting it pretty hard all the way up to Lee's Corner...but I always slow down before topping a hill, never know if there is something in the road on the other side.

Well, this wasn't right on the other side of the hilltop, but I did see the first Police Checkpoint in all are travels in Canada...right about 1/2 mile down the road. Right at Lee's Corner.

They were stopping everybody, checking license, registration, insurance. We got to talking with the Officer that stopped us. He rides, and hopes some day to tour the USA.

Long Sweeping Switchback=More Fun!

Great pic Mary took of the sky, mountains, river, bridge....we are getting close to Williams Lake.

Passed this Log Cabin Building Plant in Williams Lake.

More in next post.