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Day 2- Eureka Springs


Leaving out of Jonesboro, heading to Eureka Springs for the Trike Talk Get Together. Sunny, blue skies and more farmland!

We weren't on the road long until we happened upon an 18 wheeler that had left the road...the utility company was already there, working on the power lines the truck had taken out...and the wreckers were working on getting it back on the road to be towed away. You can see the sheet metal at the front of the trailer had all been peeled away. We sat there about 20 minutes until they started letting traffic pass through.

Back rolling....On the left a coupe pulling a trailer, on the right (right above the windshield) a crop duster at work.

Another pic of a crop-duster. We saw quite a few today...some quite close coming over the road....sorta difficult to get a clear photo.

Starting to climb into the foothills before the Ozarks....lots of nice sweepers.

A cloud pic....when the clouds were still being nice. lol

We stopped for gas in Mountain Home. We saw there was some rain off in the direction we were headed...lightening too. Looked at the weather app and it showed ONE LITTLE Spot of rain between us and Eureka Springs.

So we decided to put on our rain jackets, but that we would not need our rain pants....anything that got wet would dry out long before reaching Eureka Springs.

Well, that was a mistake. lol We spent over half the time in heavy so heavy that I was slowing down quite a bit and putting on my flashers. Here's a photo of some of the not so heavy rain when Mary had the camera out.

Every now and then it would stop raining and we would see a little blue sky.

In the Ozarks now, and having a little fun on the roads going into Eureka Springs.

We're here! This is just a few the the Trikes, will get more pics tomorrow.

Had a great time visiting with some fellow trikers, and looking forward to riding the Ozarks and visiting more over the next couple of days.