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Day 20 Part II continued-

Day 20 Part II continued-

This road is a blast to ride...

...with curve after curve!

We've been missing the rain for awhile now. It will look like we're headed right into it, then the road will go a different direction!

Crossing into Montana. Northern Idaho has been fantastic!

The fun continues!

A couple of shots at some...

...different angles.

I don't know what to say...this road is one we travel again...both for the views and how much fun it is to ride!

We've finally got hit with some light rain...nothing much, and it looks like clear sailing ahead.

Then we see this...and the curves are pretty much gone, looks like we're headed straight into it.

It's been pretty cold all day. We are all layered up, wearing our electric jacket liners, and I've had my rain paints on, and Mary her whole rainsuit to cut the wind.

With what's ahead we stopped so I could put my rainsuit jacket on. Took this pic on the side of the road before heading into the rain.

There's just a bit more for Day 20. I will get it post as soon as I can. We have some heavy riding over the next few days, so it may be 3-4 days before I can post again.