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Day 21 Continued.

Day 21 Continued.

We stopped at this place for is pretty much the only place on the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper. We're getting a great 44 MPG, so did not need gas, but used the restroom and had our sandwiches.

Read some of the history of the place. Watched the tourists in their cages and tour buses.

Leaving out from our lunch spot, about 100 more miles of amazing road before Jasper.

I have no idea how many millions of trees we've seen so is a LOT!

Most of the snow is gone, but the glaciers are still feeding this huge waterway.

This is a fun road! We're spending most of our time in the 50-55 mph speed....

The road and TG can handle it at much faster, but we are already running a bit over the speed limit at 55, plus so there is so much to see!

Can you see him?

He seems a bit confused...

...we are on a bridge, and he walks out onto it...looks like he's got it figured out.

More in next post.