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Day 24 continued.

Day 24 continued.

A Really fun road, if you like dips and curves and good views! The surface is smoother than a lot of asphalt roads, but it has some nice give for a bit of drifting without being too aggressive.

Great scenery along the way- Mountains...



Before we know it we covered a bunch of km's and the gnarly part of the road starts with a gentle 12% incline.

Pic #1 of 3 of the first of a dozen+ blind curves, immediately followed by switchbacks...

Pic #2 of 3

Pic #3 of 3. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a lot of fun!

A blind curve where the road is still relatively wide and smooth, even though there is a good size drop-off.

After this the road got quite a bit rougher, steeper, narrower. I am going to post more pics of the ride all the way down to Bella Coola over the next couple of days.

However, in the meantime here is a short youtube video that we just made today. Gives a little taste of The Hill.


Day 24 to be continued.