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Day 24

Day 24

Today is The Day!

This is our furthest point from home. This is the place that Mary has been excited about going to since we first started planning the trip. After Bella Coola we are going to turn around and start the ride back home.

Woke up to a sunny morning in Nimpo Lake. Looking out from the cabin porch.

Out the window of the cabin...yep, TG is still there.

By the time we got packed up, some cloud cover had moved in...rode down to the lakes' edge as we were leaving.

This is where we stayed. Super nice cabin, full kitchen, plenty of room, great views, $100, and the folks running it were great also. We did make reservations a couple of months in advance. We'll also be staying here on the way back out of Bella Coola, a couple of days from now.

To give a bit of an idea of how different it is up here. Last night when we bought dinner supplies, gas and lunch supplies at the store...the same place where we also rented the cabin. When we went to pay, they said not to bother, we'd settle up when we came back thru since we were staying another night in the cabin in a couple of days. They had no credit card on file, our reservation was just our name, address and phone number.

Where we live out in the country in Mississippi, some places still do that for folks they know, but not total strangers. Way different up here!

This pic cracks me up. Mary took it of herself as we were starting toward Bella Coola.

She has been all hot to go there from day one, and the last few days she has asked if I still really wanted to go. lol I told her if she did not want to, we wouldn't...she does, just a bit nervous.

When I first saw the videos I realized that if some vehicle came around one of the blind corners fast, where there was not enough room for 2 vehicles, I would have to override my natural reaction to avoid them...because avoiding them would mean going off the cliff. More than a few people have died that way. I know if it happens, I will turn toward the mountain side, regardless of if it means getting hit or not...I am not going off the edge.

Leaving Nimpo Lake the road was asphalt for the first few miles...and there were fences, but all the horses (and there were a bunch) were outside the fences.

After Anahim Lake, the road turned to dirt/gravel.

For the most part it is very well maintained... had not rained, the water truck had already been down the road to keep the dust down.

This is a really fun road!

More in next post.