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Day 25 continued.

Day 25 continued-

It was a fun ride down the hill. We are really looking forward to going back up it, and seeing it from a different perspective.

Here we go!

First big curve...

...then there was a pretty bumpy hill. We had to pull over. This pic is looking back.

The bear spray was not staying in place under the bungie cords on the rack. We had heard so many stories, and been out in the woods all day yesterday with John Edwards.

Most folks in Bella Coola do NOT carry bear spray when out in the woods...if they run across a bear, they just put their hands above their head and "make themselves Big".

So we put the bear spray in the Tour Pak.

Looking down the side of the road near where we stopped...that's a long way down, and we just barely started.

Back on our way!

Yes, the road is as narrow as it looks here.

Mary's view off the side...

...these pics were taken while we were riding, not pulled over. The road gets pretty narrow in places, & yeah, that's a LONG way down!

And in others, like at this switchback, it gets really wide. But you can see up ahead, it narrows done again right before the blind curve.

More in next post.