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Day 25 continued.

Day 25 Continued-

Ok, these next 20 pics and video are the final installment on the ride from Bella Coola back to Nimpo Lake.

Remember, we had put the bear spray in the tour pak at the bottom of the hill.......

Coming around a corner, there was a BIG Grizzly Bear about 60 yards in front of us!

I stopped. He turned and looked at us, then continued walking away from us. We watched.

I then remembered where the bear spray was. After moving a little to the side of the road, I put the parking brake on (good thing I had adjusted it, because the hill was pretty steep) and got the bear spray out...never turned off the engine. When I put it back in gear (clunk) the bear turned and looked at us, so I waited a bit longer before moving forward.

He just kept walking down the road...

...we did move forward twice to keep him in sight...but we really did not know what we could do, other than wait. He did not seem inclined to leave the road, and no way we we going to try and ride past him. Grizzlies can move extremely fast when they want to.

We remembered what John Edwards had told us-

John just said make yourself big, and if that does not intimidate the bear then yell a bit...that is, only if it is coming toward you, otherwise, just be still...never turn your back, never run, never make any fast movements.

So we waited and watched...

...After a few minutes a truck came by and moved him off the road. We were really excited to see the pics when we got to Nimpo Lake. Mary thought she had taken 20-25 pics of him.

She took 4 pictures.

We were already on what is probably the most dangerous road in North America, and then we were right up on a Grizzly. Her adrenaline just shot through the roof.

Fortunately the video camera was going. Here is the video that has some of the highlights of the ride up "The Hill". The bear encounter starts at about the 4 minute mark-

After the bear excitement, we continued on up the road...

...which is exciting and awe-inspiring, in and of itself.

One last look behind us, thinking about the bear we had just seen.

What an amazing view...again, pic taken while we were moving...not such a wide section of the road. lol

At the highest point of the pass.

Things leveled out a bit. No more cliffs.

More in next post.