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Day 26- Part I continued

Day 26- Part I continued

There was some work being done on the side of the mountain above one section of the road. If you look closely, there are 6 people at various points on the side, hanging netting to keep rocks from falling onto the road.

This pic gives a tiny bit of an idea of what it is like...there are 3 different levels of the road in this pic-

Mary caught Two Sharp turn signs for the same curve in this one for each direction.

A look back...

...Mary is a bit crazy sometimes...this was taken as we were riding, she leaned/reached out over the edge of the road for this pic. eek!

...besides the obvious beauty, this road is a blast to ride!

We are taking it a bit slower than we have in the past, really soaking in all the views...but when there is road like this... is just begging me to ride it! I don't know what it is about seeing 4 curves at one time, but it makes my right wrist twitch!

Sooner than I expected we are at the scenic overlook.

Just one of the views.

More in next post.