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Day 29 Continued-

Day 29 Continued-

One of the many views at the top of Pikes Peak-

There is a cog train that goes to the summit at Pikes Peak. It's the worlds highest cog railway. You can see it stopped here, just a few feet from the edge.

This is as close as Mary will get to the edge...and she's pretty nervous being this close-

All four of us at the sign-

Scott and I climbed down to this look-out point....

...the climb down was not so bad. Coming back up I stopped a couple of times to try and get some oxygen out of that thin air. lol

We spent 30-40 minutes at the top, enjoying all the views.

We mounted back up...

...and started the ride down. If anything the views were even more stunning.

A look back...

...and ahead. Fantastic views!

More in next post.