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Day 3- Riding in the Ozarks

Day 3-

Our first full day in Eureka Springs, headed out in the morning on the 302....

...ES is all about the twisties, and riding them with friends...

...we're on the 221 now. One of Mary's cloud pics. We knew it was going to be a short day, sometime this afternoon thunderstorms are supposed to roll thru, but right now it's perfect!

Headed toward some curving roads that wander thru some hills and hollers...

...with a river every now and then.

Back in some curves now....

and more curves as we get on the 311.

The 311 heads up into Missouri....

It has sweepers, tight turns, hills and great views of the countryside.

Today is the first day to sorta stretch our legs and enjoy the twists, turns, hills, and views.

The 311 is a great road, full of a little of everything...

...there was very little traffic, finally getting out and just riding for the pure pleasure of seeing what's over the next hill....

...and around the next curve.

One of the lakes we passed by.

Only once in my life did I have my fill of curves in a is not that day, we're thoroughly enjoying the ride!

Crossing into Missouri, at the town of Blue Eye.

It wasn't much of a town, but they had a Hillbiilly Glass Shack and a Hillbilly Squat Pot. lol

We stopped for gas and took a look at the radar. EEEKKKK, there is a huge green, yellow and red mass just outside of Eureka Springs...headed straight for the motel.

We hightailed it out of there, with Zammy leading the way. It looks perfectly fine, 35 miles away...

...but as we get closer (we're still 15 miles out here), it is not looking so good.

We have rain suits, and we don't mind riding in the rain...but this is a pretty heavy thunderstorm, as seen in this pic.

We rolled into the motel parking lot, right as some big drops were starting to fall. Can't get any more perfect ride and timing than that.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent swapping stories with other Trike Talk Members. Good times!