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Day 35- heading home to Red Banks, MS

Day 35- heading home to Red Banks, MS

Setting up the video camera, at the Super 8 in Van Buren, before hitting the road.

Mary's my breakfast.

Mary in the mirror as we're rolling down the 40.

For the first 150 miles or so we did not have much traffic, and the surface on the 40 in Arkansas is MUCH better that it has been in previous years.

As we get closer to Little Rock, traffic increases some...

...Arkansas used to be a great State to travel in. *They used to strictly enforce the 70 mph speed limit & they have/had a law, that was strictly enforced, that the left lane could only be used for passing...

...because these laws were enforced, most of the drivers on the road would follow it, and it was very rare to get jammed up going 55 or 60 in a 70 mph zone, or get tail-gated if you were doing the speed limit...

...not anymore. Don't know where the LEO's are, and why they are not enforcing them, but it is a free for all now and we got stuck behind folks more times than I can count.

That looks like a fun ride!

More in next post.