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Day 35- Lee Vining CA

Day 35-

This morning we have to say our goodbyes. It has been a great visit, and it still amazes me that they live RIGHT IN the Redwoods!

Giving Jill a last hug before...

...heading out for Lee Vining. Leaving their small town...

...heading over the mountain...

...down toward San Jose.

After threading thru all the traffic around Silicone Valley, San Jose, and the craziness that surrounds the area, we're still on the freeway...

...but it has opened up some as we head toward Sonora.

We finally are off the freeway and onto the 108, heading toward Sonora.

Still desert like area, but back on the "open road" with relatively little traffic.

We've been climbing a bit, and are getting into some trees now. This is shaping up to be a nice day of riding!

We're in the woods proper now, as we get closer to Sonora.

In a few short hours we've gone from the Redwoods, down to one of the most advanced tech places in the world, thru all kinds of traffic, then across some barren desert area, and now we're in the woods again, climbing toward 9000+ feet.

The road is curvy fun, the traffic is light, and we're really looking forward to going over Sonora Pass...first time for us!

It's a "picture perfect" day for riding. Clear skies, high 60's-low 70's, and the TG is running great!

If you like the tight turns (and I do!) the road is just getting better and better!

Good pic of the river from the road! Beautiful area!

Getting close...last chance for the bigger vehicles to turn around before getting into the really fun part of this road.

We've ridden from Jill & Dustin's' to Lee Vining previously, but we took the Tioga Pass route (which is quite a great ride). Trent recommended we give this route a ride...up to 26% grades, and sharp twisting roads...did not take much convincing. lol

Just a bit past the sign above, we saw a really nice spot to pull over by the stream...

...we had our lunch here, enjoying the amazing surroundings, while at the same time keeping our eyes open for bears or cats that may want to interrupt our lunch. lol

Thank you Trent!!! I don't remember ever being on an asphalt road this steep. Fun Ahead!

And so it begins!

It's difficult to capture in photos... much fun this road is to ride.

It's scenic...


...mostly traffic free...

...lots of elevation changes...

...did I say beautiful?....'s a fast road for being so tight...good camber and surface... absolute blast to ride!

Getting close to the bottom now.

Making a dash for Lee Vining-

We're in high desert type area...slowly descending-

Getting closer!

Long descending sweeper as we come down close to Mono Lake.

We're here!

We got a room at the same place we stayed last time we were in Lee Vining...even got the same room!

Tomorrow we head for Boulder City, Nevada for a family reunion, celebrating both my folks turning 80 this year!