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Day 5

Day 5-

There was a steady, but light rain most of the morning. Last night we had some heavy rains and wind. Tore the roof off the Subway across the road!

Mid morning in the parking lot-

Paul holding forth...don't remember about what, but babygirl thought it was funny.

After it had stopped raining we decided to go for a ride into the Smokeys...deciding at some point to have a memorial service for Larry.

There are two routes into the hills from Townsend, they were both closed due to the wind last night blowing down trees into the road.

So we stopped at the river, near the turn off to Cades...

It was the perfect spot. We spent some time remembering Larry, each of us dispersing some of his ashes into the river.

All the roads are closed, so we took a bit more time and headed back to Townsend.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent remembering Larry and telling stories. No pics.


The ride home for Mary and I will be posted up next.