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Day 4- We head to Springfield, IL

Woke up this morning to some pretty thick fog.

By the time we got down to the starting point, near the old Penitentiary, it was starting to burn off...but it took a couple of hours to be totally gone.

Here's about 1/3 the crew riding.

Found out there were 380 signed up to ride from Joplin to Wisconsin Dells. A few have dropped out, and a bunch added on for a day or two.

Here we are headed out this morning...we were about in the middle of the pack when pulling out.

Headed thru don't do the sight justice of 400 or so bikes running thru town.

Within the first 30 minutes the slower riders were behind us. We ran about 40 miles of winding roads at a good clip. Really nice roads and really nice to not have to slow down in the curves.

Nice perspective Mary caught as we were in the rare straight running about 80 mph here.

Like yesterday (and unlike last year) a lot of smaller groups were riding together. Here we are stopped for gas for the bikes and Subway for us.

Mary and I took off about 10 minutes before everyone else and found a good spot to stop to take some pics and video. Vid turned out great, and we'll be posting it up on youtube after we get home.

Here's a pic of Mary with the bike while we were waiting.

A shot of a few of the bikes that came by-

We've been in Missouri the last couple of we are crossing the Mississippi river into Illinois.

We arrived at downtown Springfield. Lot of local bikes and folks, good band, and had a good time meeting new friends.

This local Trike/Hearse was really sharp.

Tomorrow is Bettandorf, IA.