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Day 4


This morning is sunny, with clouds here and there. It is also COLD. 62* Which isn't really cold in the big picture, but, we've become acclimated to the 80's and 90's over the last month or so back, yeah, it's cold.

Today's another day about chewing up some miles over the interstate, getting to San Diego.

No sand or dust storms today, but still have a strong headwind we're riding into.... the gas stops are more frequent.

Those of you that have read some of our other Ride Reports know that Mary really likes cloud pics...

....the one above she snapped at 80 mph this morning.

We've not seen that many bikes on the road, but at our next gas stop we saw these 2 Vic's and a SG

A pic of Marys' stash. Glasses, gloves, coffee, snacks, lip balm, sunscreen, tic-tacs, camera and who knows what else.

Cloud Pic #139....

...and Cloud Pic #157

The last couple of days have been mostly flat and straight, so a hill or a curve are novelties, both together are a treat! *

The Arizona State Line...

....still flat and straight, still a strong headwind, but we're enjoying the ride, listening to some good tunes and getting lots of cloud pics. *

More in next post