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Day 5- Dodge City, KS

Day 5

9 AM in Eureka Springs, getting ready to mount up for a ride to Dodge City, KS-

The ride thru the Ozarks, out of Eureka Springs is a stark contrast... where we're headed. We are totally enjoying the perfect weather and great riding roads!

Blue skies, 70's, some clouds, winding roads, Mary caught this river as we crossed it at 60 mph.

I believe this is our first shadow pic of the trip...usually she gets one of these in the afternoon...this one was in the morning, while still in the Ozarks.

Curving, cambered roads, there may be something wrong with me...but I never get tired of riding them!

Last pic of some of the best riding in the country...the Ozarks-

As we head toward Joplin Missouri, this road is cut straight thru the rock-

Crossing into Missouri-

The rest of the ride to Dodge City in the next post.

After crossing into Missouri we ran thru a bit of interstate, going thru Joplin....

...and not too long later we crossed into Kansas.

Pretty much as soon as we got into Kansas it started warming up....the temperature fluctuated between 93-97* the rest of the day...drank lots of water!

Mary messing around at a gas stop! lol

No offense to anyone from Kansas, but it is a State we need to cross to get to places we want to ride. Long, straight, mostly flat...

...some roadside metal art!

The TG is running great. We've run the 400 before and it was fairly irritating with the poor road surface. With the new suspension, this time is was like butter. Mary did not even realize it was a road that had worn her out previously. Engine is doing well also, running at 68 mph, into a pretty stiff headwind, 97* and we got 35.5 mpg. I'm happy with that.

440 miles later we arrived in Dodge City.

Tomorrow we cross the rest of the hot, flat, windy Kansas, then into the eastern desert of Colorado, and finally to the cooler start of the mountainous area of Colorado.