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Day 10 - First Day After Robbery

Limited photo's for these 5 days.

This is a photo from the evening of Day 9. Mary is a trooper!

Day 10 we went to the FRAO (Foreign Residents Attention Office) because we were told they could give us some sort of temporary paperwork to get us across the border, back into the USA.


All we did was fill out this form and then they said that we had to go to the embassy in Tijuana to get the paperwork we needed.

After that we went up to our friends office in TJ...

...he has a nice collection of classic cars in the secure parking below his building...

...this is his latest.

When we told him what the FRAO told us, he said the embassy had moved from Tijuana to Otay-Mesa...AND, it is not an embassy, it is the US Consulate.

He called them for us and they let him know it was too late for us to go there today (Friday). They are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so the soonest we can be there is Monday, and we have to be there between 8am-11am for us to get emergency passports that day.

After that his daughter took us to the TelCel store to get a cell phone so we can have a way to call and get internet connection. (and take photos).

Back "home" in Popotla for the evening.

We spent a good part of this evening canceling cards, reporting passports stolen, locking down our stolen phones, etc.

A big thing we did was get ahold of our neighbor and ask her to get on the computer in our home and find some scanned copies of ID to email to our friend in TJ.


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