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Dwayne's Dyna Wide Glide


I had always seen HD as the pinnacle of motorcycles so I took the plunge and picked up a new to me 2001 Dyna Wide Glide. The bike quickly grew on me and I was on a mission to customize it as my own.


Dwayne's 2001 Bike Project Started out with this


After riding it for a few months I put it in the shop to do a makeover on it. Here's what it looked like the day before work started.


It wasn't horrible, but it was not what I wanted. Here's what it looked like the day before work started


Actually, this view was pretty bad!


Dwayne's words- Tins were pulled for the painter. Rear wheel for new rubber. Goodbye to the stock restrictive air cleaner!


Coil, turn signals and horn were removed.


Decided to use the Outlaw 636v Performance Air Cleaner with the polished aluminum Breather Bolts.


Photo of the 636v installed, also started cleaning up the ass end with a License Plate Relocation off the axle. You can see the TrapMoto pegs and heel rests too.


Another shot of the HiFlow Performance Intake. I think it looks good, and it really flows well due to the patented design that creates a Venturi Effect.


Next was an LED Drop-in bulb to replace the anemic stock headlight bulb, and a Headlight Grill, just cause it looks good.


After new rear rubber, Next was blacking out the spokes with some Spoke Covers. This is an inexpensive way to get some nice contrast on stock wheels, it makes a nice improvement, but it is hard on the fingers!


Did not swap out the rubber on the front, just blacked out the spokes.


Another shot of the Plate Relo, also the TrapMoto Pegs, front and rear, and the super comfortable Heel Rests.


Rattle-can painted a bunch of parts black for some nice contrast.


Next up was the Coil Relocation with the 10.4mm Pro-Race Plug wires. I like the look, and it unblocks the airflow around the rear jug.


Got the tins back from the painter and installed!


All the garbage that was on the back of the bike is NOT going back on


Instead I'm using the Stealth LED Run-Brake-Turn. All three functions built into one little package.


What it looks like installed.

What the rear of the bike used to look like, and how it looks now. Much Better!




Changed out the dirty white grips for some blacked out ISO Grips. I like the look, plus they're more comfortable. 



Got the Tank Lift is installed for better cooling, less buffeting and easier cleaning of the Rocker Covers. Plus, it just looks cool! 


Couple of pics of the LED Drop-in head light bulb, along with the Stealth LED Turn Signals/White Running lights. These are brighter than stock, and much better than having them hang off the handlebars!



Ready To Roll! 


I'm really happy with how it turned out. Besides the paint, it was less than 2 days work, and all easy to install parts from DK Custom. Looks better, performs better and is more comfortable! Before & After




I rode it this way for about a year. During that time a few other idea percolated on what I would like to do.



 I wanted a different fender, and a solo seat, along with a few other changes. 


I went for a stretched fender, added a murdered Model A Taillight, and a solo seat.


I also swapped out the 636v, putting it on my Nightster, for the Sano Black 587 intake. I think the look goes better with the direction I'm going


 Last few things I've done. I got a killer deal on a used solo seat. Put a Fender bib on too. Also swapped out the Vertical Plate Relo for a Curved one.


Dwayne's words- If you look at the console, I swapped out the factory barrel key switch for a LED Push-Button switch. Also got some pin striping done on my 587 Air Cleaner.


 Forgot to mention, I have some Thunder Torque Inserts in the exhaust for a deeper tone and increased low & mid range torque. Happy with how it sits now, enjoying riding it!