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Horseshoe Bay To Portland, Oregon

The ride from Horseshoe Bay to Portland, Oregon was a bit of a shock.

We have been in open country, with very little traffic for well over a month.

Headed thru Vancouver.

It was an easy ride to the US border, and good to be back on the road after a couple day lay-off in Horseshoe Bay.

This is the closest we got to downtown Vancouver.

We were supposed to be back home, and to work, days ago. We still have over 3,000 miles of riding, a couple of family visits, and some fantastic roads before getting home, so we just are not able to see everything we want.

Amazing how they hold these huge bridges up!

It was a half hour wait at the US border. This is our last international border crossing this trip.

When we got there, we showed our passports, answered a couple of routine questions, then he pointed at my vest and asked what patches are those, what motorcycle club are you in? Made me turn around so he could see them all. He was not being curious, I don't remember exactly what else he asked...I was a bit shocked at the interrogation type attitude he had.

What possible difference did it make? He had already checked our passports in the computer, we are US citizens, if I was in a MC, is there a list, and if I was on it was he going to deny a US Citizen entry in the US?

I did not verbalize any of those questions, and after he looked over my vest he waved us on thru. Weird.

Traveling in the US now, toward Seattle, some beautiful land!

We live out in the country in Mississippi. The closest town has one signal light. The next closest town down the road, where the shop is, has no signal lights, only a couple of stop signs.

So we are feeling at home in northern Washington farmland.

As we get closer to Seattle, the traffic begins. But we are in the express lane and able to pass miles and miles of bumper to bumper traffic on the right.

Pretty soon it did not matter what lane we were in. It was bumper to bumper, stop and go for close to 3 hours getting thru Seattle/Tacoma area. This was a weekday, early afternoon. I don't even want to think about what it would be like during rush hour.

After getting to the other side, the ride between Seattle and Portland was nice!

Look ma! No hands!

That is one BIG mountain!

Mary in the mirror!

Eating up the miles to Oregon. Nice road & scenery, but we are ready to eat, shower and get some sleep.

We know tomorrow is going to be some fantastic roads and land we're traveling thru.

After taking well over a week just to ride thru British Columbia, we have been in 1 Province and 2 States today.

Portland! Let's find a motel!

Next report is Portland, OR to Meridian, ID.