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Icefield Highway

Mountains, lakes, streams, snow, trees everywhere you look!

A look behind us.

We came up on a mama bear and 2 cubs on the side of the road.

Stopped and took some pics. They saw us there and just continued eating. I eventually turned of the engine, but was ready just in case. lol

Glaciers, you can see where big chunks had fallen.

Panoramic shot.

There was so much to see that a 5 hour ride took over 7 hours.

Pics just do not capture how big this country is. Emerald green is what this lake looked like in person.

Moving on down the road. By now I had stopped looking for the end...had come to the realization that these just went on and on.

Stopped at another lake. Have no idea what I was doing. Did not know Mary had taken the pic til I downloaded the camera.

More amazing country!

Stopped for gas, ate a sandwich, and solicited another tourist (that did not speak English) to take a pic of us.

More in next post.