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Meridian, ID to Missoula, MT Part III

And to the right.

I had to test my boots again in the, and get the Stay Cool banadanas wet again.

Back on the road, we get to the 12.

This sign is not kidding. I had a blast! Although, I did run out of steam before the end of the 99 miles. Those of you that have ridden with me know that I like to hit corners hard...between the previous 250 miles of curves and this section...I actually took the last 30 miles or so pretty easy...was plumb tuckered out. Never before have I reached the end of the day when I wasn't ready for more curves. lol

Beautiful Country!

It was nice riding next to a river almost the entire day!

Mary takes some shots from some new angles.

There were short straight sections of road in between curves.

Stunning! Can't tell so well in the picture...but that is a super clear river right next to us.

Stopped for gas at one of the two stations in this 99 mile stretch.

There were only two pumps and this guy on the beemer had been sitting in front of one of them for over 10 minutes fiddling with his GPS. There were 4 bikes in line behind him. I finally went up and asked him how long he thought it would be before he moved. He stopped messing with his GPS, and took another few minutes getting all his gear on to pull away from the pump.

This couple from Canada had picked up a nail somewhere. Fortunately they saw the low tire when they stopped for gas.

Back on the road with some more creative shots and beautiful scenery.

A couple more fun shots.

After seeing so much blue water in Canada, the clear water down here gets Mary taking more shots of it than of clouds!

Could not ask for a better road, better scenery or day of riding!

More in next post.

Since our mesh is in Missoula, we are still wearing our leather jackets. This is Marys' answer to heat...a spray bottle keeps her comfortable.

Her stash pocket in my back rest. Spray bottle, water, sunscreen, chapstick and who knows what else.

It does not get better than riding roads like this.

Saw these guys kayaking and stopped to take a pic...they weren't making much progress...they would get a bit down stream, then the water would push them back to where they were.

One of them finally got thru, and we were back moving again.

If you like curves and ever have a chance to ride 12 in Idaho, I highly recommend it!

This little guy got stuck between my sunglasses forehead. I put it on cruise control and pulled him out to show Mary...she got a pretty good pic.

Getting closer to Montana!

Saw this mountain goat and Mary got a pic of it over her shoulder.

More in next post.