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Salmon Glacier Continued-

As much as I liked this place, Mary liked it even more!

We explored quite a bit.

Took lots of pics.

Then she realized that this is bear country, and we were up there alone, no bear spray. I told her to head on down I will take some pics and follow her.

The two German guys we met a few days ago arrive.

We met and talked with Keith Scott, "The Bear Man". He live up here at the summit during the summer. Has a tent set up near the restrooms.

He goes down the hill once a week for groceries. The rest of the week he is up here selling his DVD's, pictures and book.

He has been down to the glacier many times. He had some pictures of where he had set up his tent UNDERNEATH the glacier in a cavern. Crazy guy!

Well, our 30-45 minutes to Hyder before heading to Prince George turned into over 5 hours. We will not make Prince George today...but the sidetrack was WELL WORTH IT!

Will cover the ride down, and on to New Hazelton tomorrow.

Leaving the Salmon Glacier, headed back to Stewart/Hyder.

We see a lot more vehicles on the way down than we did up. Little bit of dust, but not bad.

We are not pulled over to the side. This is the view Mary had on the ride down....looking back at the Glacier...and down the side of the road.

Another shot looking back. We had gone at least a mile and it still looks massive!

Looking forward. BC never fails to amaze.

Back close to the base mining camp...reminder that this is not a public road.

Another reminder...view off the right side of the bike as we are headed back...that is a LONG ways down.

Mining company 18 wheeler hauling ass up the hill.

At the bottom, still in Canada, getting close to Hyder.

More in next post.