We started as two guys that just wanted better for our bikes than we could find. We grew quickly & once we realized we were an actual business, we made a commitment to ourselves. See a full explanation of why we do what we do HERE.

 Fast forward 10 years later, it is satisfying to see that our Customers are experiencing the benefits of this Commitment to Better Products, Shipping and Service.

Here are Some of the Most Popular, Most Sought-after, Must-have Parts for HD’s this year...

AND what folks have to say about them!


Customer Top Picks

Rocker LockersThunder Torque Inserts™ ✅  Coil RelocationIgnition Relocation  ✅ Billet Gas Tank Lifts  Convertible Comfort Trike Lift  ✅ Stealth Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit Outlaw Air Cleaner Systems  ✅ Billet Catch Can For EBS  ✅ Bar Riser Extension Kits  ✅ Cooling Deflector Wings  ✅  Oil Filter Relocation  ✅ 14” Trike Series Shocks & Deluxe Touring Shocks  


Rocker Lockers


Great product! Review by Nicktar

“My 07 ultra classic was making horrible noise from the rockers now that I've installed the RockerLockers so nice and quiet best $20 I've ever spent.”  


Great solution and easy fit! Review by Charlie

“Very quick delivery to the UK, so easy to fit. Great solution..”  


Great top end fix! Review by Duck

“This is coming from a Harley tech, Best easy way to fix that death rattle.” 


Rocker Lockers Rock! Quietly. Review by Mohawk Matt

“My 05 twin cam rattled like bbs in a tin can! After a fairly simple and short install of Rocker Lockers I had less valve train noise than any Harley I've heard! Quote from my father "Are you sure its a Harley?" Recommending to everyone I talk to! Cant say enough. Great product that performs exactly as claimed. Dk Customs delivered fast at a great price! Not much to the kit but worth 10 times the price once you see/hear what it does! Thanks DK Customs, and thanks Rocker Lockers! !” 


Thunder Torque Inserts™


The best! Review by Bill D

“Slapped a set of W158s on my Vance and Hines Big Radius 2:2 with no baffles and these things definitely live up to the hype and do not disappoint. More torque, a killer sound, and an easy setup. Most importantly however, is the customer support these guys offer. From my first email requesting information to helping me get them setup to achieve the perfect mix of performance and sound these guys are the absolute best. Knowledgable, friendly, and incredibly quick responses...I seriously couldn't be happier with the product or the experience from start to finish. Top notch all around, do yourself a favor and get these!”  


V&H Eliminator 300 no baffle or end caps. Review by DD

“Thanks DK, I received the TTI 258 and they made all the difference. I got the low end back and they sound great. Thank you for the great service and im very happy with the end results.” Dennis 


Great sound and power for cheap!!! Review by JMC87

“I recently put these on my 48 and finally have my bike sounding and performing to where I won’t mess with it EVER again...Thanks DK!!!” 


Best money I've ever spent. Review by Brad

“I put the W158's on my '02 Shadow VT1100 in about 30 minutes (had to drill holes), and I IMMEDIATELY felt a difference. The previous owner had taken a holesaw to the baffles and I've been trying to get the engine dialed in since I bought it. The bike sounds a lot better, it got rid of the hollow, twangy, metallic sound and now has a deep, warm grumble. I can feel a HUGE difference in torque all the way up the rev range and I actually get pushed into the seat now. All in all these are a great buy.” 


Coil Relocation


Couldn’t be happier! Review by Joseph

“DK Customs did it again with quality and pricing. I love how the relocation kit is built strong yet easy to install. Maybe 30 minutes total time relocating. It really opens up the rear jug for cooling and cleans up the left side of the bike nicely. Thanks DK!!”  


Perfect ! Review by Alex

“Look really good on my Iron 1200 2019. Really clean the look. Easy to install.” 


Great Product! Review by Jason

“I like how the relocation opens up the area above the transmission. I have always liked the coil between the jugs on my other bikes and like the simplicity of install. Putting this on at the same time as the tank lift really changed the look of the bike. Already have recommended to friends and will continue to do so. 

On top of great quality product, I ordered several products on a Sunday night and received a message that the order was placed on hold early Monday morning. I was contacted about part of my order not being necessary and how to accomplish the same thing without their product. It was also pointed out that my discount (10%) was not applied either. Saving a total of $35 on my order, great customer service!” 


Great service and a great product Review by Yrjan

“After ordering the kit and new spark plugs, I received it within a few days. Easy to mount, and it looks great on the bike! Recommend the coil relocation kit - and dk custom. Great product and a great company service! 


Ignition Relocation


Quality product excellent service Review by Dan

“Very happy with this product. Well made, fits perfectly, clear and easy to follow instructions. Service and communication were excellent. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again from D.K. Customs!" 


Ignition relo. Review by Chris S

“Easy install really cleans up the front of the bike, a lot more practical spot for ignition.”  


Great customer service! Review by scott

“This bomb-proof part will last a lifetime. Install was easy and straight forward. Check out you tube if you have any doubts. Really cleaned up under my tank without a lift. Customer service is top-notch too!”  


Thumbs up all around! Review by Justin

“First off, the day after I placed my order I emailed the guys at DK to ask if I could edit my order. They were very helpful and offered zero hasslesHigh quality products, easy install, and cleans up the look of the bike drastically! Highly recommend!” 


Billet Gas Tank Lift


Greatly improves look Review by Troy

"I’ve always liked the way the raised tank looked but seeing it on my own Bike is so much better. The gap about the engine that shows after a wire tuck is mean looking. Also goes well with my drag bars."  


Tank lift. Review by Lou

“I ordered a 1.5 tank lift kit and couldn’t be happier. The tank lift kit was pretty simple to install assuming you have some mechanical skills, it is very sturdy material. This lift kit looks great with a wire tuck. Next on my list to do is a coil and ignition relocation kit which I will absolutely be ordering from DK customs. Highly recommend!” 


Great quality! Review by BK

“This new design is a better build and looks a lot more sturdy than before. The brackets flow right into my iron 883 and sets it apart from the other “cookie cutter” bikes. Thanks a lot!”  


Subtle, and awesome! Review by Jason 

“I put a 2 inch on my 2016 denim black fat bob... the effect is super subtle, like you know something's different and can't really put your finger on it, and those are my favorite mods. You can see the top of the front rocker box and it took about 10 minutes to install. Great quality too.”  


Convertible Comfort Trike Lift 


Much better ride. Review by Skipper 816

“I installed these on my 2014 Triglide I had to use the secondary holes because my exhaust was going to hit the swing arm but I raised my rear end up 1.2 inches and no longer drag my mufflers , the trike steers easier and the ride is much better. The lift kit was easy to install and anybody who owns a trike should install one. This is the best upgrade I have ever done love it.”


Perfect! Review by Chris

Good quality, good price, step by step instructions made doing it myself easy, rides completely different, the front end plowing is gone, can not believe what a difference this product makes.” 


AMAZING! Review by Mel

“My husband and I are absolutely amazed at how this product improved our 2019 Tri Glide ride.

Totally worth every penny!!” 


Very happy! Review by Rihusa1 

“First off let me say ordering from DK was great. I will definitely order from them again. Now the product, I am very happy with the lift kit it did what it was supposed to do it raised the bike up 1 1/2 inches and gave me a better ride plus the steering got a little better.” 


Stealth Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kits


2019 Iron 1200. Review by J

“Great highway peg mount kit that allows me to stretch my legs out comfortably. Easy install. I needed them on the closest setting, and needed at least 1/2” spacers or there’d be a clearance issue with my frame. The spacers helped give me more space from my air cleaner too.” 


Stealth Highway Peg Kit / 2009 Iron 883. Review by hero2zero

“Really, really solid metal. Bolts and nuts and also rock solid. Installed effortlessly. Absolutely cannot beat the price for this quality.” 


Stealth Highway Peg Kit / 2013 HD Iron. Review by Great Product

“I purchased a set approximately two months ago and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the parts and ease of installation. I’m very particular with aftermarket parts because I’ve found many dealers don’t care about quality and fit. Not the case with DK Customs it seems. Quality accessories that fit the bike perfectly. They also add to the overall riding experience on long hauls.” 


Well designed & Well made piece Review by ACE 2016 883 IRON

“Really like the design of them , Very well made and the hardware is top notch.” 


Outlaw Air Cleaners Systems


Sharp Lookin Air Cleaner System!!! Review by Krazy

“The Black Cyclone HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner System w/ the Transparent Cover looks great on my 13 Fat Bob & gave me that little extra punch I was lookin for when I twisted the throttle wide open!!!”


Easy to install, great looks, and makes a difference! Review by Lia

“I bought this recently and installed it yesterday on my 2009 FXD, along with the XiED. The bike already had Vance and Hines Straight Shots slip-ons, so this basically finished out my Stage I upgrades (well, I'm planning on trying the Thunder Torque inserts soon as well). I went for about a 20 mile test ride after installing it, and the improvement was extremely noticeable! Acceleration is snappier, roll-ons without downshifting are definitely a level above the "stock except slip-ons" performance. Also, I had some throttle-surging at low speeds, and those are basically gone now.

The install was very easy, even for a woman like me who doesn't wrench very much. I chose the anodized black Breather Bolts for mine, as I have very little blow-by. However, with how well this "completing the Stage I upgrades" is working, it has me thinking of a cam and light head porting, lol. I'll keep an eye on things if I do go that route, and will happily buy one of DK's other breather solutions if I need them. For now, with just a Stage I 96ci engine, the Breather Bolts were simple and I'm betting will work just fine.

I'm super pleased with this purchase and the effect it has had on my bike's performance. I highly recommend this kit! Next step: installing the suspension upgrades I also bought from DK! :)”


Excellent fit and finish! Review by Red

“Awesome friggin product. Perfect fit, excellent instructions.Bike feels like it woke up now that it can breathe free and it's not sucking oil down its throat any more.”


Great product! Review by Dustin

“This really made my street bob look, sound, and run fantastic! Top notch quality and customer service at DK Customs! Thank you”


Billet Catch Can for EBS




Great improvement over the other ones you see on the market. Works perfectly, keeps that mist off the bike and in the can like it should. Thanks” 


Great little catch can! Review by Leed

“I already had my breathers plumbed to under the bike but it was getting really gunky. This catch can will keep the underside clean.


DK 4 Stage Catch Can. Review by T11Spanner

“I originally had the small catch can on my '17 M8 Ultra. I went with this one and no longer have oil on the pipes, saddle bag, seat and my pants. Easy install, works like a charm!” 


Great job! Review by Golfblues

“I had the old style can which was smaller. This can holds a lot more and does not mist on the right side of my bike. The internals are much better than anything else on the market to keep the oil in the can. Great job by DK! 


Bar Riser Extensions


1.5" Handlebar Riser Extensions-2009 Iron 883. Review by hero2zero

“Installed this with Biltwell Keystone handlebars. Fit perfectly with no cable or brake line extensions necessary. As with most of DKC products, very good quality feel. Makes my bike comfortable.” 


Top-notch product! Review by The Colonel

“These risers are just what I needed for my 2016 Street Bob. I already had six inch risers that measured one and one-quarter inches but belled out at the bottom to two inches. I felt that I needed just a little more rise and pullback for the perfect riding position and this product didn't disappoint. Quality, fit-and-finish and prompt delivery were spot-on. 


Work and look great! Review by Scott

Quick shipping very satisfied with quality and looks. Put on 2009 fatbob quick easy install.” 


GREAT PRODUCT!! Review by Tony

“Got these Riser Extensions hoping they would bring my T-Bars up significantly higher to straighten out my back while riding. Even 2.5in made a really big difference! My ride is 10x more comfortable than it was before!! Definitely would recommend these to anyone who wants taller handlebars for a more comfortable ride! Product also came in a day earlier than expected! Thanks DK Customs!” 


Cooling Deflector Wings


sa-WEET! Review by -Vince

"I have a 2015 FLHTCUL, and added the cooling wings this past spring. They are absolutely THE TITS! Noticeable reduction in head buffeting. At under fifty bucks and a 5 minute install, they are the most cost effective comfort mod I've made."

A product that does it's job well! Review by Michael O.

“I installed these during my installation of the tank lift after putting the ThunderVolt 50 plug wires on my 2017 HD Freewheeler trike. On my test ride, I had an immediate improvement in head/helmet buffeting that could be felt on the highway. My temp. reading showed a 10-12° improvement & coupled with DK Customs 1.5" tank lift, a 20-25° overall temperature reduction. Thanks for another great product.”  


Awesome Review by Joel

“I am really impressed at how these work. I never really enjoyed going highway speeds because of the buffeting I would get. Plus, since I have a 2006 model, I have a 5 speed tranny. I do have an oil cooler but at the rpms it takes to get to 75 or 80MPH, The oil cooler doesn't do much. 2 problems solved for 50 bucks! Super easy to install as well.”  


Good for airflow. Review by Red

“Sharp product, good fit and finish. Helps to redirect wind down to the engine where it belongs, not up in your face. I run without fairing lowers, and these don't get in the way or look out of place.” 


Oil Filter Relocation


Just buy it! Review by RedOregon

“Great product. Engineering flawless, all parts needed are included (and then some). Good instructions, just take your time and pay attention and you'll have no issues. Makes future oil/filter changes a HELL of a lot less of a pain in the ass.”  



“Excellent quality. Great customer service. Fastest delivery I've ever had from a motorcycle company...it's my style. The product was first class quality. Works great on my Freewheeler.” 


Great product and fits a Road Glide. Review by Harry

“The fit and finish on this kit is top notch and installation was easy. I am looking forward to easy oil changes going forward. I did include the OUTLAW High Performance Cleanable Oil Filter in Polished Finish with this install. A couple of notes. First, this fits a 2017 Road Glide perfectly. Secondly, check the oil filter gasket carefully and reseat if needed. Mine was not flat.” 


Great product! Review by jj

“So I read somewhere 8 to 10 hp increase, I thought BS, my stage one may not even do that. Well to my surprise there was an increase but can't tell you how much. I will say this that I never wanted to red line my dyna before, seemed like a struggle to do so. When I installed it on first ride it was effortless to get it to 5900 rpm in several gears. Also I have a tuner on my bike and I can keep track of my oil temp and it does run cooler. I would highly recomend this product. For the money it's a great bang for the buck.” 


14” Trike Series Shocks & Deluxe Touring Shocks


Beyond Expectations! Review by GearyT

“Put off purchasing for a year while I poured tons of $$ into other "enhancements". DUMB..

first ride.. in love. Makes Train Tracks and other bumps of the night almost go away… “


Good buy! Review by Harkon

“14" DK Custom/ProAction shocks and lowering kit.

Installed yesterday and went for a 2hr ride. I gotta ask, why doesn't the bike (2012 RGU) come like this? No more bottoming, rides like a touring bike should. I think with the lowering kit the seat is slightly lower than it was, which I like. As always DK Customs customer service is second to none.” 


Improved ride and handling Review by RaineyDay

“Installed the Combo Package - 14" Harley Trike Series Shocks™ & Comfort Lift™ Pro-Action on my 2014 Tri-Glide and what a difference it made. Much smoother ride and handles better around the turns.” 


What a plush ride! Review by Firewrench22

“These shocks are awesome. When you hit a bump with rear wheel & the factory shocks, it sends your neck left & right. Not so with these. They soak up the bumps so much better. I live 1/4 mile off the asphalt. I could tell the difference as soon as I pulled out of my driveway, and on the road, wow, what a nice ride. Money well spent in my book!” 

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