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To Stewart

We left off less than a 1/4 the way to Stewart yesterday.

Stopped at this gas station. Really old pump, the kind where the mechanical numbers roll in a circle. Did not get a pic!

Did meet a couple of German guys riding there. BMW and KLR. The KLR was changing his oil in the parking lot. We have seen them off and on for a week as we are traveling similar routes.

When Mary went inside to pay for the gas, she got a few shots of the store decor, here is one.

We had rain off and on all day, enough for the rain suit pants...sorta cold too, but the heated jacket liners did their job.

The trucks up here aren't shy of the roads, they move right along, but they are pretty good about staying in their lane.

We are getting into some of the mountains leading up to Stewart!

Amazing views. BC is full of incredible mountains and surprises.

One of those grated bridges some of you were asking about.

I sure am happy that only the first bit of road was bumpy. This has turned into a fantastic day of riding!

We stopped at this little rest stop and ate some sandwiches Mary had fixed.

Read about avalanches. The mountain pictured on the sign is the same mountain as in the following pic.

Little less snow when we were there. Not as cold either!

It was chilly though. Had on long johns, jeans, and rain suit for the rain AND the cold. Also, you can see I had put the soft lowers on.

Going over another metal grate bridge. Marys view to the left of the bike.

Marys view to the right and down.

There were two bears on the side of the road. We watched them for about 10 minutes. One ignored us, this one kept looking over at us.

Fantastic riding. Makes the gravel/construction worth it!

We turn off the 37 onto the 37A heading west toward Stewart!

Instead of the stories we had heard of this particular part of the road being the worst, it is the opposite. Great road, fantastic land!

These glaciers are huge, the pictures just don't convey how large they are.

More in next post.