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Air Ride Builders Kit - Trikes & Motorcycles w/ Rear Air Shocks

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Item #: DK-BK-ARS
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

Air Ride Builders Kit - Trikes & Motorcycles w/ Rear Air Shocks

 Builders Kit



Any Bike/Trike with Rear Air Shocks

  Experience a New Level of Comfort

Hassle-Free Adjustment of Rear Shock Air Pressure


Every Road Condition & Load

MADE in The USA!


DK Custom Products


  • Adjust Shock Air Pressure While Riding
  • Waterproof Switch For Fingertip Control
  • All Needed Wires & Connectors Included
  • Top Quality Filtered Compressor
  • Waterproof Cloth Loom for Wires & Hose
  • Top Quality Brass Fittings, Check Valves & Poly Hose 
  • Top Quality Relay, Adjustable Blow-Off Solenoid, & Adjustable Max Pressure
  • Everything in the Picture Below is Included
  • Ultimate in Riding Comfort - Regardless of Road Condition or Load
  • Works with the Stock Air Shocks & Aftermarket Air Shocks
  • Comes with Installation Suggestions
  • Optional Rubber-Isolated Dial Gauge
  • Optional External Air Port for Airing up Tires
  • Made in The USA!

Air Ride Builders Kit - Trikes & Motorcycles w/ Rear Air Shocks


The following video shows the MacAir in use, including the Gauge Option & External Air Port Option.  This Builders Kit does not come with the MacAir Housing.  


Check Out the Pics Above

This Builders Air Ride Kit gives you fingertip control of the air in your shocks.

No more guessing on air pressure in your shocks!  With a simple flick of the switch you control the quality of your ride, no matter what the road conditions or load!  Forget about having to stop riding, removing the side panel, unscrewing the valve cap, finding the pump...that is all history!

Included is an Adjustable Safety stop to prevent overfilling your shocks.  There is also an adjustable pressure release, so you can control the speed at which you release air from the shocks.  This gives you the ability to fine tune your ride in small increments...because as little as a 2 lbs. difference in PSI can make a significant difference in the quality of the ride, OR, to blow it all off at once.

This Builders Kit comes with all the components pictured above.  It gives you everything you need to control the PSI in your rear shocks, with the flexibility of mounting it where and how you wish.  

Pictured below are Options for a Rubber Isolated Gauge w/ a mounting bracket, and an External Air Port for airing up tires.  You can see full details on each of these Options HERE.  

This Kit is NOT assembled, and will require some basic knowledge & skill to assemble and install.  We include some suggestions and a basic overview, but it will require basic understanding of electrical connections, and basic mechanical skills to install.  Depending on where you decide to mount it, there may be some minor fabrication work required.

Every Component in the Air Ride Builders Kit is Top Tier Quality.  From the all brass fittings, to the compressor (that has 4 rubber isolated mounting points, & the hardware to mount it), to the check valves, the solenoid, the waterproof switch, the brass PTC connections, even the Poly hose instead of nylon hose. We used only the best components for long reliable service.


This Air Ride Builders kit will work on any Bike or Trike with air shocks, that uses a 12 volt battery system.

Also available - The Complete MacAir Air Ride System for Trikes (or Bikes) that have room for mounting of the 9" x 4.75" x 7" Main Unit.  Click HERE to see it.

The Ultimate In Air Ride Control!!!

"I'd  only pull out the HD pump when my wife was really complaining.  With the MacAir I now get the best ride quality everytime out!" - Mitch

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