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Carbon Fiber Look Streamliner Bullet Rear Turn Signal Relo Kit

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Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

Carbon Fiber Look CFL Streamliner Bullet Back Turn Signal & Marker Lights Relocation Kit DK Custom Products Harley-Davidson  Universal fit for 12 volt motorcycles SEE & BE SEEN

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  • Metal Housing w/ Carbon Fiber Look (CFL) Finish
  • Low Profile - Short Stem w/ Rubber Dampening Washer
  • Measures 1 1/8" in Diameter & 2 7/8" front to back 3/8" Mounting Stud
  • Red Lense for Rear Fitment
  • Includes 12 volt automotive Dual Filament bulbs
  • 8/21 Watts - Running/Brake/Turn Signal Lights
  • Includes CFL Relocation Brackets & Wiring blocks
  • Comes with installation instructions


Give your Bike a Different Look....One that gets Double-Takes as people walk by it!

 How is the CFL achieved?

 First, each part is prepped, then it is painted black.  Next each part is hand-dipped, using the Hydrographics procedure, to get the Carbon Fiber Film on the part.  Finally, each part receives a Durable Clear Coat Finish.

Because each part is hand-dipped, by a human being, each part is a unique one-off piece. There can be small variances in the finish and lines.  Only surfaces that are visible on the part when it is installed have the CFL, and the fiber lines curve with the curves in the metal.

Note:  The CFL finish is very difficult to photograph. Because of the unique refractive qualities of the CFL, the look varies depending on light source and angle.


Perfect Low Profile Lights for Your Bike

  • Universal Fit -  Can be bolted on in a variety of locations- Two popular ones are the Fender Struts and the back of the belt tension adjustments on the rear axle.
  • Includes self-adhesive wiring blocks to hide the wires.
  • Comes with automotive 12v dual filament bulbs, no messing with resistors or load equalizers.
  • This pair of rear turn signals also doubles as running lights or brake lights-Your choice.
  • Housed in CFL metal with a short stem, you can get these nice and tucked in.
  • These are also available in Sano Black Powder.  Click HERE to see them.
  •  Matching Front signals available also.

Fitment Note:  On all 14-Up Models, HD is now using a CanBus Body Control Module.  With the CanBus system multiple signals can be sent over the wires at the same time, making the electrical system very sensitive to any changes.  We have had quite a few Customer install our non-LED tail-lights, brake-lights and turn-signals with no issues, however, we cannot guarantee they will work, nor can we support their installation on a CanBus bike.

Our Batteries, Tuners, Coil Relocation, ignition relocation, horns, and headlights can be installed on the CanBus bikes with no issues.


"I Love this Look, it really makes my bike stand out!" -Jason

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